Give Hunters the Ability to Consume Elite Buffs

Currently only Monsters can consume an elite buff by eating the elite buff. The only way for Hunters to do this is to camp the elite buff, which makes them lose focus on the primary objective: hunt the monster.

My suggestion: If all four Hunters pick up the elite, remove the elite buff status (essentially so the monster can’t get it).

This would also help alleviate the advantage Monsters get with spawning 45 seconds before Hunters even drop too.


  • Monster races for damage resistance? Hunters can either race to catch him eating it, or race to get Damage Dealt.
  • Reload/CDR elite runs across one of the Hunters? ALL must pick it up for it to be consumed.
    • Trapper is right behind the monster with the freshly killed elite 100m back? You’re going to have to make a decision if its worth getting it or not.
  • Assault has damage dealt, yet you just found damage resist (which would be helpful for Support and Medic) Assault should be a team player and get damage resistance to eliminate the possibility of the Monster getting the elite buff.

Thoughts? Other suggestions?


This is an idea I’ve had for a long time however I find that it is an unnecessary buff to the Hunters. It’s risk vs reward, they can risk letting the Monster get the buff and go away, or they can camp the buff and get rewarded with the fact that the Monster won’t get it.

If there is any change to buffs like this I’d like to see the meats of the wildlife dictates how many Hunters can get the buff because either side getting a wildlife buff is detrimental to the other side.

Actually I’m going to make this a thread.

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Just remove buffs /thread


Reward: Spend a minute or more of the game waiting for the buff to decay, meanwhile Monster can get half an evolve in and half your buff wasted?

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I saw 1 idea where a supports weapon decays dead creatures and the monsters armour very quickly but health very slowly, they could implement this.

yes i think when all hunters pick up a buff it should be not able to get it as monster, it should turn into normal dead wildlife


The only problem with this is that not every Hunter wants that buff. If the game is balanced with that notion, then having a Hunter forced to pick up a buff for denial could be frustrating, especially in PUGS when everyone yells at eachother as it is. Imagine someone not wanting to pick up a buff (Caira doesn’t damage increase, she wants her capacity obsidian grub elite instead) and then the team just yells at eachother.

as a caira i rather pick up the buff so the monster doesnt get it than let the monster get the buff… it is much harder to outheal this damage as medic. so medics shouldnt have a problem with it.

alot people dislike main buffs like DR, DI or CR… i don’t think its a too bad trade.

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Caira 75% capacity is much stronger than the monster getting the damage buff.

depends on how many strikes the teammates already have…

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Fixed that for you.

The risk vs reward aspect goes like this:

  • Leave the Buff

  • Risk letting Monster get it

  • Keep up with the Monster and a chance of harassing it long enough that the buff decays.

  • Camp the Buff

  • Secure the Buff and make sure that the Monster doesn’t get it.

  • Risk the Monster getting away and/or getting a free Evolution and possibly close to the next

There’s a risk vs reward at play, removing that will be a big buff for the Hunters.

Buffs are like mammoth birds; why are they a thing?

I feel hunters already have too much of the upper hand, especially in ESL. The only favorable monster to play as in any hopes of a win is Kraken at the moment. Nope, hunters are definitely fine.

To cause problems


Well said. :slight_smile:

If we’re doing this then let a monster eat elite buffs under fire. Only fair, hmm?

Better yet, just remove them.


I like the idea of hunters being able to deny a buff to the monster the same way monster can consume the whole buff for itself. The mechanics should require the hunters to spend time and energy on it though.

Maybe an animation like bringing a hunter up from incap, but lasts 2.5 times as long and in the end the corpse is set ablaze and dissolves after 4 or 5 seconds.

Then the hunters can take care of the body, but it requires them spending time they could better spend chasing and trapping.

Could be worth it on those life regens… and you’d have to lure the tyrant out of the water or it wouldn’t burn!

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