Give EMET's buoys a visual dome effect


I have trouble spotting Emet’s healing buoys both as Hunter when I’m trying to get near them and as Monster when I’m trying to destroy them. It’s especially difficult as Hunter when you’re fighting a monster that’s spending a lot of time in the air, as I find you have to look down and scan the ground to spot them. And if you’re fighting in venom hound territory? Well…

I think that a dome like effect would solve this problem. I know the devs placed a lot of focus on visual effect clarity with Stage 2 and I feel like this would further add to that. Here’s a few more screenshots to demonstrate what I mean.

EMET’s buoy, AOE only visible on the ground:

Qaira’s Regen field with AOE dome. (those blue lines spin around making it far more visible than the static image)

Slim’s Spore cloud with the AOE dome.


I’d love to see this added. @Insane_521 @GentlemanSquirl


That’s a good idea! :emet:


While I like the idea of buoys being more visible I would prefer having it like kalas teleporter (this Icon you can see) and like rvals passiv heal (green circle around her).


Something like QCaira would be great, with a strong green ring around them. Much easier to see.


Been suggested before.

Liked it then

Still like it now.


I really don’t think a space caira fits into the game at all but that’s just my opinion.