Give bucket more support ability


hi guys, i really like playing bucket though it’s not very easy against good monsters to help my team to stay alive.

yea i can use my cloak but that’s it… when i use it i feel pretty useless because i can’t keep doing damage and have to wait until the medic gives heal brust or finds a saver spot.

i think it would be nice when bucket could give away his cloak to teammates… so he could cloak someone and doesn’t need to be near the hunter for this. this would be especially helpful with laz (because his cloak is pretty buggy and yea… he is an easy and important target)… and he could help the trapper to catch the monster in more often in domes. with laz on your team you need to avoid stage 3 relay fights, it is pretty hard with laz (AND bucket). f.e. you used your head, found the monster but you are 150 m away… trapper is near the monster, you cloak him and he domes it more easily and he can stay alive more in this domes with laz and bucket on your team… because the problem with laz is also, monster just needs to kill the trapper and run away. so you could keep the trapper cloaked and be able to set up the drones and do aggressive damage.

pls improve bucket :slight_smile:


I’d give him a pistol-like weapon to his uav that prevents feeding and doesn’t give a stamina boost to the monster.
I would also increase the speed that his rockets travel at to let that damage get there a little quicker.


Posted this in another thread.

If we are talking about UAV reworkings I think what would be kind of cool is to have it do something similar to a sonar ping. Maybe have it so Bucket’s head sets off pings instead of tossing his head.

Bucket’s Sonar

  • When activated pings area around Bucket for 10* seconds
  • Monster can be found through objects
  • Monster is marked with Buckets current UAV tag (Reusing dem assets)
  • Bucket is epicenter of pings; Bucket moves pings move
  • Pings have a 30*m radius
  • Cooldown maybe about Laz healburst recharge. (Too fast and monster
    will never escape, too slow it becomes UAV 2.0)


  • Assists Trappers in short range hunting
  • Anti-juking technology
  • Discourages hiding in the dome
  • Keeps Bucket’s Tracking utility he has now, without the drawback of
    being far behind the team.


  • Buckets pings are audible to monster (even while cloaked)
  • If monster leaves Ping radius, hunters lose tag on monster
  • Unlike Gobi or Dust Tag, Pings only show monster location.
  • Monster Smell is longer range than Pings so avoidance is possible

Basically Bucket trades in his long range scouting for mobility while still serving his role of helping track the monster. Just something I came up with…

*Numbers subject to change just wanted to throw something out there.


…stop talking about the UAV please, this is not the problem…

GIve his turrets more range and this will fix everything.


i don’t think so… i want a drone function like slim for bucket… so he can cloak others. during a relay fight bucket can do shit. it takes too much time setting up the turrents, the rocket is also too slow… he can’t do that fast agressive damage like cabot, even though he should be the damage dealer of this both supports.

monsters are happy when they see a bucket on the team (also a laz), they give a shit about the UAV. ^^