Give bucket a way to shield everyone soo he could be useful


why not just give every support a way to shield their team mates or a damage amplifier like cabot >.> i feel like bucket is a threat to no monster, only a minor annoyance

soo would you sacrifice turrets for a shield or damage amplifier?


I don’t think you’ve played against a good Bucket ^.^


Bucket just needs tweaks, not a new ability…
Next thing we know, you’re claiming to p2w with Bucket. -.-


i dunno but whenever i see bucket as a picked hunter i yell YES as a monster and when he is in my group as a hunter i :cry: every time


im just saying make him an actual support and less of a second assault


He is supposed to support the assault. What do you think a support is? They support different roles.


I don’t think it’s a valid logic to assume that Support = shield others.
The fact that some of them have it doesn’t mean everyone of them should. Look at T1 to 3, they are all different concepts on how offer support to the group. And that’s what’s nice about the class, there are plenty more ways to help your group than just shield them. Or basically, the invis field which is taken as the true default utility power.

Let’s not make them all Hank or Sunny, it gets stale soon.


well compared to hank and sunny and cabot, hes nothing >.> cant compete with cabots damage, and cant compete with sunny and hanks defence

bucket isnt a threat


I’ve said the same in other threads. He needs faster sentry placement in my opinion.


can we all agree we like how bucket looks, but he is crap sorry he just is compared to others, i wouldn’t care if he were more like them, because then he would be useful,

what im saying is i would rather have a useful character, rather than a unique character the sucks


This… this breaks my heart.


sorry to tell you buddy, but they can buff bucket all they want, but he will always be last place support without a shield or damage amplifier :frowning:


I think he’s pretty effective at what he does, of course, with the needed tweaks to fine tune him. Though not in the direction of being assault-like.

And I’m all for diversity in gameplay, rather than having characters that are designed to win. To me gaming is about fun and creativity, classes should be about options to exercise this and not cookie cutter options.


The thing with Bucket is that you don’t have much presence in a fight for the Monster short of setting up your Turrets. This in turn gives you that much more time for positioning yourself properly to support your team with a cloak as soon as it’s needed.
Tried playing him a few times this week with 30% cooldown reduction and emphasis on using cloak in the right moments. Still not as effective as the two shielding Supports but works like a charm anyways.

Try it out yourself a few times. Support with your cloak more than use it as a self defensive mechanism as the other Supports often need to.


If I feel like sacrificing my turrets for a shield, I go with Hank or Sunny. If I feel like not having turrets and a damage amp, I use Cabot.

Why would you duplicate a skill on another hunter? it would make one not as good as the other. If you don’t like bucket, don’t use him.

Personally, I love Bucket, my fav support. But you gotta know how to keep up with the team. The UAV, IMO, is not to find the monster while your team looks for him. Its to be used when you know where the monster is and you want to track him when he leaves your sight. So when the dome is about to come down, UAV the monster. When the monster disturbs birds, UAV the monster. Then you can keep up with your team instead of missing 1/2 the dome and feeling useless.

Do not drop from the dropship and UAV to find the monster if you do not know where he is. It can help, but if you are that far behind, your fellow hunters are at a disadvantage. As well as you if you are running to the dome alone to catch up and you find a plant or didn’t see that megamouth, now what?

The turrets are awesome in the dome. Especially when you have Damage perk or buff. Armor melts off. I just run around and lay turrets everywhere over and over and use them on elevated areas when possible as they have decent range and will hit more often that way.


On an average match:
I UAV the monster before the trapper finds it.
I UAV a monter six times in Stage1.
I do over 10,000 damage with turrets.
I deny dodgey monsters places to hide in the dome by placing turrets in them.

At Stage2…
I provide the team a place to defend.
I cut off escape routes and UAV fleeing monsters from domes/defense points.
I provide significant armor depletion.
I dive into hard to reach places while invisible and deploy my own team of non-sentient robots to clear out monsters that think they’re in the perfect place.

At Stage 3:
I double the firepower at the Generator

So yes… clearly, an underperforming character Bucket…


Bucket supports the trapper and the assault, the same way cabot does. Bucket’s turrets are his version of the damage amp, they create a good position especially if you spread them out.


EVERYONE then why do they keep buffing bucket?


Personal issues? Who knows. I love the buffs, I think it is due to his lower popularity compared to other supports.


A 10% range increase is “Keep buffing”?