Girth Zilla's gameplay Go4evolve?



I wanted to improve my Goliath playstyle since I’m bored playing Wraith. I wanted to check out Girth Zilla’s gameplay but I could not find any actual footage from him on YouTube especially for the Go4Evolve cup.

Do you have any links to send to me ? Especially from the last tourney (#9). Thanks.


I can’t do it for you, I don’t follow tournaments, nor do I play Goliath, nor do I know who Girth is. Yeah, sorry. ^.-


God dammit I know who Girthzilla is, I know he’s on the forums but I can’t for the life of me remember his name…


@heidnu if I remember correctly


Check out Black_Aegis’ twitch channel. The Go4Evolve broadcasts are on there.

I think the first few matches of this one has Girth Zilla as monster? If not, it’s in the second round of matches.


Yeah, it’s @heidnu

You can check his stuff out here

Hella entertaining to watch. His pub matches look about as easy for him as bot matches are for most Monsters to the point where someone accused him of using hacks instead of admitting it was because they were up against a good Monster and couldn’t co-ordinate.

You really get to see how skill completely changes the game by watching a few pubs followed by pro scrims.


Thanks guys ! Aside from the first post which is completely useless.

I will check all that stuff !


Hey man I also stream . If you want to watch me you can there and also in the go4 #8 and #9 podcasts in black_aegis stream page. <3. I’m not the only good Goliath player though legendary is pretty awesome too.


I need to start watching your streams. I consider myself a pretty good Goliath but am always willing to learn and get better and I heard you’re one of the best.


I know legendary already. :smile:

He is ridiculously good with the goliath indeed. It’s all smooth when he is playing as him, it’s amazing.


Question @heidnu. Do you have a YouTube channel?


I do but I never post stuff… Maybe I could start doing it. A lot of the funny videos I like are in my highlights in my twitch page. I don’t know how many people actually would want me to make u-tubz videos. I mean idk where to even start or what content people want to see.


Ok thanks, I’ll just go to your highlights.


I usually just go through previous broadcasts and highlights, but if you posted on your YT I’d watch them there too.


I should probably put my matches in the go4 on my youtubez


Does Legendary have a tubez/ channel? The Google, she is not my friend in this.


I played his just random played him in a pub. He creamed us.


Oh lol that is terrible,




I find youtube easier for me to navigate to certain parts of videos I want to see. Twitch loads weird for me if I try to skip content when I am looking for a particular match.