GIRTH-ZILLA (Tournament Goliath - Online)


Click me

Currently playing games, come ask questions if you want!

Playing some hunter n’ chillin


But im on mobile
How do i click
I need an adult


I had a weird moment when I clicked it where my heart skipped a beat, the dude playing looks and sounds like me.

EDIT: Made my wife look at it without me saying anything and she was like “…when did you record this? And what house is that??” He has my fucking voice, too. This is fucking WEIRD.


Since when do Space and Low Gravity Environmental Suit wearing Orbital Welders play Evolve


since they can tell me to fuck off in martian


In Soviet Russia Mars lands on you!

Really though SALGE doesn’t mean fuck off in Martian.


u dont say Kappa :smiley:


Bump 10 chars


BAMP AGAIN! 1 1 1 1 s sads


bumoooooop!!! sasd a


bumperino come watch vs epex.


Bump come watch me play


Moar striiiiiiiiim :smiley: come flabaguupoobaboostaroo


UP AGAIN 10 chars


Up again doing some pubs!


why did you quit that Behemoth game yesterday? Can you not except the loss or did you not want trapper?


I don’t like playing hunters :confused:


Bump! 10 chars


bumperino casterino


superderparino castatrino