GIRTH-ZILLA No longer [Epex]


I feel shitty for doing this on the forums, but I feel like it will save me a lot of trouble and messages… So I was told they were moving me to Epex White, so I am leaving Epex all together. Ever since I joined Epex a lot of people have been toxic towards me (I like to think of myself as a nice person). I am free and will be chilling out from the competitive scene for a bit, and focus more of my time towards streaming evolve and my lady (AKA Ms Girth) .

<3 you all and fans of mine you really make my experience worth while.

If any of you don’t know my stream page and would like to check it out it’s


Oh i guess i only have one thing to say…Bye


I’m still playing the game… lol



Cya around on twitch then, I guess


Usually i would say something thisisnotyourpersonalblog but i wanna be serious here.

You know thats why i feel epex will never have a good enviroment-good team.

Did you really get kicked(to epex white) because of bad plays today or something?How is the team supposed to bond like that?

Hell Cyril should have kicked us all out.Also we are loosing 70% of the games cause of our trapper who altho he is an amazing trapper he likes to play YOLO.Instead of kicking him we are telling him the mistakes.Even if that takes 1 or 2 months.I seriously dunno what is going on with your team


That’s why I put it in off-topic. But yeah due to bad plays and letting the game get to me causing losses or something. I think it’ll be good for me though.


No offense to Tatl I think he’s a cool guy and I don’t even know who on Epex made this call. But the fact that you got kicked from Black to White because of some bad plays kinda shows how Epex is.


If someone tried to kick you to a lower division because of something like that then they don’t seserve the mighty Girthzilla anyway. :wink:


I don’t blame you one bit Girth.


Why would anyone blame anyone for 1 bad day.Even if you loose 3-0 against a team because of your mistakes you just simply tell the mistakes,and next day go back to training.That’s it.


This smells fishy : < Poor Girth!


Nah this smells just Epex.Girth didn’t want to play in the finals for them as a tie breaker(keep in mind that if they chose Girth to play they would ban Goliath and he would have to play another monster)

So instead they played hunters with banned Caira/Hank and lost.So i guess they blame him for that.


Wow… Umm ok. I would like to point out to everyone this change was based on Girth’s PERSONALITY. We felt like Girth could not handle the aggressive, bickering, stressful dynamic that is Epex Black. I love Girth, we all do. We did not want to perform this switch, but felt it would be MUCH better for Girth’s stress levels. Also, Girth made team decisions behind all of our hunters backs on multiple occasions, which also impacted our decisions as it messed up quite a lot for us ALL in result. Girth, I still love you, but this was a very shitty way to handle this.


We don’t consider white a lower division, we have put a LOT of time into white and their ROSTER has always struggled because of scheduling.


Girth chose not to play in the tiebreaker because he had zero confidence, it put our hunters in a TERRIBLE place. He also made a decision behind our back that had to do with hosting we all disagreed with. If we were kicking him based off him losing games alone this would have happened last week. Before the most important day of he month. We put faith, effort and love into developing girth, but the personalities just didn’t fit as a team


How saying that he doesn’t feel confident around that team makes him not good for the team?Its all about map and confidence of the monster dude.esl #7 in tie breaker Cyril wanted us to face their monster because he didn’t feel confident against HoY in the particular map.He thought we had more chances than he had.And that game was one of the closest i have ever played.

What i’m trying to say is you should trust your monster.He is having a reason for not wanting to play a certain match.

Really?Because i think everyone thinks that your Monster was always the strongest part of your team like our team.Our monster is the stronger person in the team.


honestly atm i feel like a lot of monsters have little confidence until they get to ban Caira hank because so few people actually play anything else, Hunters need to learn more then one set up and monsters need to learn more then one monster. Because it would have been terrible if Girth had been banned goliath and he would have been in a Terrible place as well.


I think what he is trying to say is that, If given the option, epex would have chose to make the bans and let NIP pick side. By Girth not wanting to play monster, it forced them to pick the hunter side which gave NIP the bans.

That being said, I do agree with you that hunter teams should be able to run more than one comp and not rely on any 1 hunter too much.


When we got girth he wasn’t nearly as strong as he is now. We trained him and helped him develop. Also it was Fusion Plant and he didn’t want to play it just because he had zero confidence in himself, he was too stressed and down on himself.


So…bad day.