GIRTH-ZILLA is now "[Epex] GIRTH-ZILLA" :D :D :D :D!


For people that pay attention to the competitive scene:

Since the ESL a lot of people were still confused if I was still with SALGE. Well I am very happy to say that I have become Epex Black’s primary monster, and I’m hoping that I can show everyone that is interested in the competitive scene how awesome Goliath is. I promise (like legendary) to represent all those Goliath players out there :slight_smile: !


Nice, gl&hf!


Would be interesting to see an actual skilled monster. And not every single player using the one that’s unbalanced at the time of the stream…


lookin forward to the livestreams!


I beg you…please upload past and/or future goliath gameplay! I have been trying to up my game by watching pros, but almost no one uses Goliath :frowning:

EDIT: i just noticed your twitch channel and that you already have a few videos. i will definitely check those out.



Ten Golis…


I think I seen you in my twitch during my stream yesterday :D. if you ever want advice you can always ask in the chat.