Gimmick Metas Are Annoying


While I understand that ‘Evac’ is supposed to be the least competitive game-mode, I’d argue that it’s actually -MORE- competitive because of the dynamic map layouts depending on the victor, as well as better stat tracking. Hunters can lose the Defend mission but still have saved more colonists (meaning more XP), and conversely applicable with the Monster. All-in-all, it makes for a more competitive environment, IMO, than just your typical skirmish.

But apart from the broken voting system which will always favor hunters (majority vote in a 4v1 game…? Who’s idea was that?) there’s a few seemingly broken metas I want to personally mention.

Rescue - Why run anything other than Wraith?
Your entire premise here is to kill the survivors, not the hunters. So why use anything other than Wraith, who is incredibly fast, hard to accurately track down, and can power-house damage potential at a rate faster than any other monster? It puts a serious amount of weight against the Hunters and it’s probably the reason Hunters rarely ever vote for Rescue maps.

Nest - Hunters have a serious advantage
Conversely, like Rescue, there is some meta gimmicks here. Hyde with his flamethrower (arguably the only game-mode he’s actually good at), Hank with his orbital, or basically anyone with a Cabot damage amp + Val/Lazarus armor piercing combo. Ignoring the Monster, you can steam-roll through a nest map quicker than hell using just a handful of gimmicks and they’re even more insane when combined. I’ve had matches where we’ve destroyed all the eggs before ever meeting the Monster, who was trying to hit level 2 to be on par. Combine this with the fact that Hunters never want to play Rescue as well as having majority vote, Monster is going to get his butt kicked almost every time.

Defend - Kraken is just ridiculous
Now, I’m probably the last person to say that Kraken is OP because he’s manageable in certain situations. Abe’s Stasis Grenades and Griffin’s Harpoon Gun are really good counters toward his flying and if he ever wants to use aftershock, you can use that opportunity to do a lot of damage. But here’s the trick: Kraken is basically the only monster you should ever run in the Defend game-mode.

Why? Because there is no limit to his range and the entire premise as a Monster is to stay alive. Who can do that better than Kraken who only needs to destroy the turrets (to let his minions get close) and the generator? He can do this using his array of abilities to basically kite the ever living **** out of the Hunters and put them in a situation where they either have to abandon the defense to fight him or stay and… Well, basically lose, because they’ll never stop him from Lightning Bolting the generator.

Your only real options against Kraken in Defense are to play the offense for the duration of the game utilizing infinite respawns (which can be deadly if you’re not careful) or to try and wait him out via timers.

Here’s a video illustrating this point (where the Hunters win because we played very, very aggressively at the end):


Agreed with your evaluations of the monsters on the different modes. Kraken seems to be obscene on defend.

Unfortunately no competitive environment will ever be accepting of an auto balance mode or any of the other balance issues presented with evac. I assume TRS knows this and this is why the game is balanced around hunt rather than the other three modes.


True, but I don’t think that it’s too much to ask for a range cap on Kraken’s abilities. Having unlimited range doesn’t really benefit a competitive environment in Hunt and without it he’s able to dictate the engagement in other game modes. IMO, he should at least be in the combat environment given the amount of tank he has. If he had Wraith’s amount of HP/Armor, it’d be a different story, but as it stands he’s really hard to deal with at times.


I think there is a range cap. It’s just really really long. Like 100 meters long at least. Probably longer, but I’m certain I’ve hit a max range trying to drag the lightning bolt cursor before.