Gimme da beta game client plox


Alright, so I’ve only posted one other time, and Ido still like to roll back my game to beta patch and just play with friends, because movement was fun at the time and it’s not now. But let’s forget that I have 900 hours and let’s play some evacuation, oh nvm I’ll just play quick match and forget about it… ohh… another defend match. , what’s this? A good monster and no bonus from playing evacuation, what’s this? My jet packs feel clunky? Shit… well I guess I’ll play medic, and this random picked Cabot. Well 30 seconds in. The monster knows I’m a decent medic so he jumps on my face and gets me down and I can’t do shit because jet packs are not effective. Ohh 3 mins in he already got me down the 2 generator, man this is fun, maybe I should play rescue if I wanted no chance of having any fun. Or maybe I’ll just Uninstal and forget my favorite game ever exis]ted


You could uninstall and reinstall to go back to the launch version of the game. You you’d only be able to play offline with tiers 1-3 characters though as it would prompt you to update your game once you try to go online. That’s the best you’ll do I’m afraid. :confused:

I’d recommend giving the new update a try once it is released though. There are some massive changes around the corner that are at least worth trying out. Here are the changes we know about so far. :slight_smile: