🎁 🎁 Evolve Asset Collection - May 2016

Hello Everyone,
So I’ve decided to help the community since its time we had a new collection of public assets, this is essentially a collection of almost everything I have in my collection.
I’ve uploaded to 2 different locations:
Basic Files:
PSD Files:

Be advised, these are not small (around 18GB total)

Please use these collections of assets for good, and not evil. Make your own Evolve Content.



Wow just wow! Did you mean 18g per file or folder?

Dude this awesome :smiley: , you’re the best. These could come in handy!

in total between the PSD’s and the rest of the files. Its approximately 18 GB

Omg this is so cool!

THANK YOU!!! Its what I’ve always wanted :heart_eyes:

You should see my Evolve library LOL
18gb is nothing


You should see my Evolve gallery on my ps4, 100gb is nothing.

well, i also trimmed down alot of the useless stuff, screenshots and what not dont count :wink:

Also theirs vods… I have TB… on TB of VODS…

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Is there a better way to download the assets? I usually don’t have any issues with Drive, but it won’t let me download the entire folder as a zip. I have to go into each folder individually.

You can click on “Add to Drive” if you’re signed in, then you can look at it in your own. You should be able to right click and download the whole thing then.

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Yeah, I was being lazy and trying to avoid signing out of my other Gmail accounts. :stuck_out_tongue:

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In the top right hand corner it should say “Download Drive” or if you highlight everything, you can download everything.

That’s what I thought should have happened but I wasn’t given the option. I decided to stop being lazy and added it to my drive. That way I can parse it out and then download later.

Thank you, by the way. :slight_smile:

All good, it wont be housed there forever… but i wanted to make sure people had “something”

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Absolutely love goliaths staging up roar the one the hunters hear off in the distance gives me chills. :goliath_roar:

its actually layered ingame. You’ll need to merge the independent clips to get the authentic sound.
However, still cool XD

Darkstar looks so nice ! thank you !

What’s Darkstar?

In the oldies folder you can find this guy