Giant monster laying eggs!


So I was playing on Evacuation in the Broken Hill Mine (I think). And on the radio, a woman says that she saw “something big, something REALLY big, and it laid eggs all around here”! So now we know the truth. It was a creature that made the eggs!


Could even be a giant organic ship similar to the Reapers from Mass Effect. Granted, that wouldn’t be the fifth monster, but what if the fifth was a type of leader that could call down an orbital using that mothership similar to Hank?

Whatever it is, I am certainly curious for the next tier and more information.


Or maybe there can be a new mode! Possibly something like the monster (plus minions maybe) defending the “queen”


I approve this message. Devs, make it happen! That would be really awesome if it was a 50/50 chance for the defend to be either hunter or monster.


Hmm. Should the monster be stage 3 though? Or stage 2 plus minions? Could be pretty hard to defend as a monster, I would think


It’d really depend if there were checkpoints similar to the hunters. Maybe the first one they have to destroy 2 eggs, then 2 eggs again, then there’s 2 more plus the queen so you have to decide when to hunt, when to hatch, and when to fight. If that were the case then it’d definitely be stage 1.


That would be frikin’ awesome! I can just imagine the giant beast getting up and walking away to lay more eggs after the hunters are killed


Wait, wait. I just found a flaw in that… What happens if the hunters win? What happens to the “queen”?


She likely dies, but if there’s an Evolve 2 then it could be found that the monsters come from a sort of ‘hive’ with many queens covering different areas of the universe. :open_mouth:


Hmm yea. But that might not happen :frowning:


We can dream though, man! We can dream…


Let us dream then. While we’re at it we can dream of giant maps with 16 v 4 battle royales.


I am almost CERTAIN that we will never play the monster that lays those eggs.

I DO however, think that defending her would be an AWESOME GAMEMODE.

The hunters and a bunch of colonist militia (sometimes tanks) have to assault this nest, where the monster has to defend the queen with a few minions…

Could be cool!


Would be *AWESOME!