Giant Mammoth Bird as 5th Monster


Who here in the community think we should have a giant mammoth bird as the 5th monster. I think that would be the monster the mauled Torvald. The abilities include: Electric Charge where it does the electric thing the normal mammoth bird does, Mammoth Bird Swarm were all the mammoth birds in 100 meters attack, Stamina Steal where it steals jet pack fuel and turns it into stamina, and Class Ability EMP where the class ability has a longer recharge. Also, the stamina thing would be electrical boost where it runs faster.


I agree!


This is overpowered as hell. Not because of any of its abilities, but because it’s a Mammoth Bird.


Honestly, I’d like to see the Mammoth Bird Swarm ability be changed to spawn 100 Mammoth Birds from the air onto the ground.

Not only because it would be funnier, but because it’d be crazy deadly for the hunters.

Imagine trying to navigate that field of Mammoth Birds without dying…


I agree.

Unleash the swarm…