Ghostrobo's Animated Emblem?

I was wondering how Ghostrobo got that animated emblem? Is it something you unlock later in the game? or is it exclusive for helping TRS with the livestream?

Emblem can be seen at 1:29

I believe it’s coming with the next patch.

Summon @SledgePainter for more details.

:scream: That looks awesome.
I can’t wait to get my hands on some. :smiley:

Observer emblem

Pretty sure a dev mentioned that new animated emblems are coming with the new hunter masteries. Is this one? I don’t know.


Makes sense, as it’s a reward for levelling up their masteries like other hunters/monsters.

Well now thats been cleared up does anyone else get annoyed by GhostRobo?

I used to enjoy watching his videos, but then he started posting a lot of videos about his life/love life and it just started to get annoying. I know I know, I don’t have to watch them videos but meh…

New animated badges will be coming soon :slight_smile:


The new badges should be coming along with T4 and should be unlock-able as the standard badges are, as is my understanding, but don’t quote me on that yet since I am still seeking information. I have yet to see other animated badges but it stands to reason there will be a few, and I am eager to see them for sure!

I kind of wish all the badges (including the standard existing ones) were also animated. Because, as we all now, everyone likes the new and shiney, and I suspect we’ll see everyone rolling over to the animated ones (don’t mis understand, this isn’t a bad thing) but it’s just that I love my Phoenix badge I worked hard to earn in Hunter’s Quest, and it would somehow be “lesser” of a badge because it isn’t animated, boohoo :frowning:

Animated Daisy +1

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I would like to see Community Created Animated Badges (with TRS’s approval) that can be earned via events, or other activities. Could really bring the community together and breath life back into the game.

it is included next patch I think.

I hope there are more animated emblems there.

Like Roaring Goliath, or kraken with wiggling and waggling tentacles

Or a Wraith shaking them Hips to appease the folks in the Sexy Wraith!? Mega Thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Recent GhostRobo video shows some new badges:

Is that Spiderman? BEHEMOTH’s emblem.

Still haven’t seen how to equip the animated emblem. It’s May 8th. I don’t own Tier 4, but assume that’s where they’re from…

That specific one is from simply buying Sunny.
Other animated emblems in a similar vein are unlocked through her masteries.

The only animated emblems so far are all 4 of sunnys and torvald’s elite emblem which are tier 4 only so far.

Okay, makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!