GhostRobo on the forums


GhostRobo talking about a thread on these forums.
Not really anything special just went on it and saw comments etc he starts talking about the thread at about 1 minute and 50 seconds.


I love Ghost’s videos, to be honest. Yeah he isn’t the best at the game, sometimes his mistakes make me cringe, but he’s charming, gives great commentary, he’s funny, makes it more interesting, and he makes me want to drink hot chocolate.


It’s almost like gaming isn’t about being perfect, but… you know… playing a game and having fun :smiley:


I love watching his videos. He’s definitely not the best Evolve player, but he doesn’t have to be. He enjoys the game and has good commentary


How dare you! Blasphemy!


What is this ‘fun’ you speak of, you play to win don’t you? Otherwise there is no point in playing at all. :smile:


Filthy casuals!


I watched Ghostrobo once.
Cool guy.
But…his mistakes…hrrrng


Sorry to be “that” guy.Who is ghostrobo?Only youtuber?Because i don’t remember any streamer with that name

Edit.I watched the video.Did people actually shit-talk him in the forums?and why?


How dare you! I am not filthy.


I second that. He’s the only youtube gamer that doesn’t make me wanna shoot myself in both ears and eyes.


He starts the video by talking about how behemoth looks like a ham sandwich covered in sand… and how the only place on his body where he likes being in contact with sand is his toes… Like how is that not hilarious! :joy:


A lot of people in this game should learn about what you say…


What thread was this? Ghostrobo has been one of the ONLY YouTubers out there playing and even promoting Evolve. He IS one of the more humble tubers around…I can think of other big names in the tubing scene that everything he says applies to. Is he sure it’s him the forum was pinpointing? Because it doesn’t fit…at all!
And what is this shirt he speaks of?
Why am I getting sadly disappointed every time I come to the forums this week?



I dunno who GhostRobo is,but if we have a famous youtuber saying kind words for Evolve who the hell even flames him?Being bad player or not he is just a youtuber not a competitive player.Forums pls…

Go hate others who actually shit-talk the game.


I’ve been subscribed to him for years an he’s a great dude. He’s not the best at the game but he’s loyal an kind towards the community. I have nothing but respect for the man.


Same here. Love the guy actually his vids that had me find evolve; I first heard like Jan 20-ish can’t believe I almost missed such a diamond game.


On behalf of the forum, I want to reach out to GhostRobo and apologize for any of the negative comments you have read with regards to your playing the game. Please note that many of us still want to see your videos posted featuring Evolve and I am very sorry you came away from our forums feeling horrible. Those comments you read about your humility and such were definitely misplaced. I do hope you keep on Evolving, makings vids, and stopping by the forums.


Yeah people were being pretty mean towards him. I’m ashamed they did that.


Some want to see them. Some wish there was a way to block a youtube channel so we wouldn’t see his name pop up 50 times when we look for some Evolve gameplay.