Getting yelled at AFTER the match


What is it with people turning on the mics AFTER the match is done to yell at you?

Last night, I was playing as Bucket with a random group. I was the only one using a mic, but I was constantly talking and leading the group to my UAV, even as soon as I spotted the monster, before it locked on. We were doing fine against a stage 3 Goliath, until they domed him in a cave after following my guide. I didn’t quite know what was going on, because I was running to catch up after using the UAV. As I got there and was trying to figure out the situation, the team quickly went down. I cloaked, rushed in to help instead of fleeing, and was downed. We ended up losing.

Suddenly, during the after-match point screens, a guy turns his mic on and starts yelling at me, telling me how dumb I am and I caused us to lose. I just started yelling back that we lost because of his refusal to help engage and communicate, and that I was the only one trying the whole time. Why only plug it in AFTER? I don’t know why people even try to play this game without mics, it’s infuriating, it just doesn’t make sense.


Hasn’t happened to me, but I would just mute and report.


[quote=“eyedoc81, post:1, topic:44156”]
I don’t know why people even try to play this game without mics, it’s infuriating, it just doesn’t make sense.
[/quote] Well there are a rare few people without mics that listen to a plan you give them and are good at the game c:


Tell me about it. I was playing Laz, only one talking, and this assault…man… I kept telling him to stop reviving people but he wouldnt listen! Like, out of combat, someone gets downed by a Tyrant or sloth (it happens), I’m right there with the Laz device, and assault already has them up on their feet…with a strike. But at the END of the game, after we lost, he plugs in his headset and says what a shitty Laz I was. I stared down at my blue and gold elite Lazarus skin, confused…


This is true. I can confirm this lol.


Sometimes you just have to laugh at then for getting mad. Especially at that situation when they turn on their mics in the end just to yell at you. I’m sorry, but seeing others getting really mad just because you effed up a little bit is kind of funny. Forget what they say, it shouldn’t get you down.


The in-game audio from mics can be very annoying. Sometimes a person who a mic comes in, and it sounds like they are right next to a plane taking off, it is so loud.

Though I do agree, that is reportable if they just turn on their mic to yelled at ya when you were trying to communicated to begin with.


I’ve had a full lobby of Germans that sounded like they were eating dinner while breathing heavily. It was disgusting.

I tried to communicate and all I get is this one guy do a narly burp, someone choked and gagged a bit and that same guy who burped Take a Break because he wanted take his time breathing into the mic


I’ve been seeing/hearing more and more people getting abusive during and after matches so this doesn’t surprise me. Had a guy call me an “asshole” last night for missing a dome by like 10 meters.

If someone’s the kind of person who’s going to get angry over a game like this because you can’t treat people like meat puppets, and aren’t mature enough to handle mistakes in team play then perhaps playing with bots is more their speed and should adjust their play as a result.

We’re not all e-sport “athletes”. Don’t let 'em walk on you. Fact is, I’m more tempted to play like garbage just to screw with someone who wants to run their mouth.


Those kind of people take the game too seriously. They have to realize its a GAME. A loss doesn’t contribute anything to your life… So just play the game, and that’s it. Monster players get shit from hunters all the time too. I played a match where the trapper asked “when are you going to grow some balls and fight?” I was using Goliath. Last time I checked, I can run all I want as Goliath, or as any monster. I am never obligated to fight. Mind you, I actually did engage at stage two, and got a strike on half the team, then went to stage 3, so it’s not like I never fought… I did, however. Make them run in circles, but who’s fault is that? Best thing to is just mute, and if they are typing, ignore it. Yelling back at them is giving them a sense a satsifaction.


This. I love playing high-level pug groups just because people like that exist.

And it gets even better when some of them eventually decide to plug in their mics. :wink:

Back to the OP, oh boy is that annoying. It happens rarely, but it does - better off just leaving these people be. While I would probably agree that you lost that match, there is no point in yelling at anyone for that.


I suspect a lot of people don’t even know how to use the mic and then on the post game screen it flashes up saying to press G (on PC anyway).


I had an Abe Trapper last night yell at me(assault) to shut-up and do my job and let him do his as well as other not so nice things. All I did, was run next to him toward the level 1 kraken who was already darted and the dart said he was 45 meters in front of us(dome range) with LOS and he just started eating prey. I suggested he dome the Kraken instead of refreshing his tracking dart, which he did 2 times as the kraken ate and got out of range with no dome.


That sucks, people just seem to have no idea how key communication is in this game.

Had a different one happen yesterday where two guys were playing (chatting to each other so partied up) plus 2 others with mics. I got dropped in as Goliath stage 2 with 3 bars health and maybe 2 armour left? running sigh. But whatever, play it through and see what happens. Managed to get the win and in the postgame the 2 mates were mouthing off about how they would’ve won if they didn’t have such an insert expletives medic. Which may or may not have been true but their medic was definitely the weakpoint in this game (which I exploited :smiley: ). But they were both mid 30 levels so should’ve known better.

Next match I get my first preference (Hank) and the 2 keep chatting to each other but completely ignored everything I or the trapper had to say, just kept going on about how theyd wipe the floor with the monster now one of them was medic. Next game I’m flicked back to monster. Absolutely rolled them, stage 2 and TPK in 4:55…the following game when I was Hank again guess who started listening to some thoughts haha. I should probably mention I’m level 40 and elite hank and goliath (despite not playing for 2 weeks to avoid the reset bug) and all they said was “I wonder why he has a red box next to his character name”. Maybe they’ll chat better now? :smiley:


I was a trapper and I had a team scream at me for letting the dome down so I could run and they wanted me to go back and revive them even though the monster was on top of them also was at low HP and had a blitzer pounce me and they all yelled stuff like your and idiot and get good…(and I got to play the moster next game and I made them so mad that they rage quit and sent me some colorful masages :stuck_out_tongue: )


I once tried to save a Trapper from a plant, but he had conveniently forgotten to tell me that the monster chased him into it. I get pounced and eaten, then the rest of the team arrives. Afterwards I got told what a shitty player I am for sitting in UAV and not helping during the fight.


I never use a mic, and have my own reasons for doing so, but I do just fine. I can use pings and text chat to communicate better than some people with mics, and that’s a fact. You do not absolutely need a mic outside of super competitive play.

And yes, I’ve had that happen a looooot of times to me. :unamused:


you know people can type you don’t necessarily need mics…its not like you need too much starts in this game all the roles are straight forward you just need to stick and if 2 of you are downed you just run…nothing more to this game


maybe we should’ve been clearer then. people don’t use mics = people aren’t communicating; mics/chat/pings etc.


What does that red box mean? I have heard about people noticing it, but I have no idea what that emblem near the name means.