Getting time penalty when game crashes

While I was playing today my game has crashed multiple times and everytime it does I get a time penalty so I can’t search for a game until the times up. I understand why they implemented this but I don’t feel it should happen when your game crashes. Please fix!

Xbox btw

Happened again and I got a 800 second time penalty. Pretty soon I’ll just have to play arena. Also I have noticed no patterns for when the game crashes.

I’ve got the same since patch - CTD without any message and penalty

There’s no way to tell how you left the game. Most games count leaving as a loss or in this case the penalty.

Sorry, but this is such bullshit.

Simple ability to return to the game fixes that problem. Look at CSGO. What they were thinking, their game is not stable, yet you punish you for that so you cant play :joy:

What’s with the cry face? Oh nevermind… Makes sense now.

Monster quit, I lost connection while he was quitting. Counts as a loss and desertion for me.

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Well if that’s the case most my time on this game is going to be waiting for a penalty to finish

I don’t know what to tell you. I can’t control it.

Suggestion for a fix: if the match is still running when you return to the cue, you get put back in without penalty.

or at least fix steam showing evolve players in the recently played list, so you can write to the people and get invited back in.

Thanks for the advice but the problem with that is that when I try to join back it says I’m already in the game. It keeps saying that until my party leaves the game. This has been a problem on Xbox for a while now