Getting the monster early as crow/Abe

Tips on how to get the monster at stage 1 as crow or Abe? Sneaking can easily counter and with caves it’s like your invisible, any tips?

Learn main feeding routes split and check caves and feeding routes

But by the time I do all of that the monster is already at stage 2.

And I know all the feeding routes

Splitting is a lot more dangerous now so I don’t like to risk it that much I only go 40-50 meter away from my team.

Crow has Gobi, and also if you gottagofast use Caira and Sunny.

It really depends on the map, but the things I always check for are the following:

  1. Tracks (obviously… jeeze lol)
  2. Broken flora
  3. Corpses
  4. “Screaming” wildlife (Spotters specifically)

Lots of maps tend to have “feeding corners,” as we call them here because they have more of an abundance of wildlife for the Monster to quickly gorge themselves on.

I recommend, if you haven’t already in Settings, turning the Music all the way to “0” and making sure that subtitles are on. Half the time I find the Monster because I can hear it, and the wonderful Evolve music just gets in the way sadly. Then I make sure that subtitles are on because a character may call out when they see the Monster to give you a clue, and you don’t want to miss it.

And always stick with your Support so you can cloak and sneak up on a Monster.

So let’s say the team splits up is it best to go

I’ve heard it’s the best but I feel the medic is vulnerable that way and by the time the support gets there the medic is already down.

So whats the optimal distance the team should stay apart?

Help I can’t make a topic for 6 hours

Why are we looking for broken animals D:


Trapper medic support assault might be more reliable for you considering the cc might help the medic but honestly 90% of the time it’s instinct

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That’s why you shouldn’t do it alone.
If you got tracks or birds it’s easy. If not, you need to split and check caves and good feeding routes. Also, the monster is slower when sneaking, therefore you have more time to find it.

When the medic goes with the assault, he should stay 30-60 meters behind him, so the assault can warn him if the monster is near, but the monster can’t smell the medic immediately. And if the support isn’t 200 meters away, then the medic just has to dodge a few abilities while running to the support and he’s save. Especially at stage 1 the medic doesn’t need to be too scared (as long as someone can shoot him out of a pounce).

Since they’ve changed the meta now, my team doesn’t split apart very much. Usually now we only split into twos if we want to cut off/check different routes that lead to the same place.

But yes, we always do Support with Trapper and Medic with Assault.
We never split up very far so we haven’t run into many issues with the Medic being vulnerable; I’d say no more than 100m.

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Medic-Assault and Support-trapper seems to be the most common way of splitting up. I think I remember @MrTalha telling me something about following an area where wildlife has spawned more than others, meaning that’s where the monster’s been? Might’ve been the other way around. I’m not sure…

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If the monster sneak right off the bat, then (depending on the map) you can get an idea where it went by looking for wildlife spawning. It’s not very… “precise”, but it do make it easier when you have choose between two or three commonly used paths, like on Orbital Drill.

Spotters are also against a good sign, or againt better monster players, the lack of them.
As an example, Fusion Plant have spotters covering three out of the five most commonly used paths.
It’s hard to sneak past spotters, so usually they either trigger them or avoid them entirely, giving you a slight idea where the monster is/is not.

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