Getting the band back together for b4b

with the new game coming out, im hope to see the old evolve community again, and those that stuc k with the company through everything


I never left. Where have you been the last three years? But yes, I hope B4B will be my new Evolve.

Hello there

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did any of yall play l4d competitively?

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If by competitive you mean yelling at my teammates when I got downed. Yes.

Otherwise, no.


I ment like participated in tournaments. lol

You can play competitively without being in tournaments.

Ohh, lol. Nope!

Ill be waiting

I think this is a little to soon for that.B4B aint coming soon for another 3 year

Yes but sadly on Xbox( CG, GB) but I did watch guys like surgical, VIV caper, zen pounce and NBUchuck were all pretty savage.

Edit…and can’t forget visceral one of the best

Is that officially confirmed anywhere?

It is not. No release date has been set.


None.But AAA game tend to take 4-6 year to develops and consider TRS announcing a new project after 2-3 year developing their game with Perfect World,it is sufficient to say we wouldn’t see the light of B4B in at least 3 year
So yeah…

All da hardcore fans give yourself a nice pat on the back. You guys have seen some shit.


Oh. Oh! Pat me, pat me!


You deffo deserve a pat ^ _ ^

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TrIxieKat will be on the scene ^.^

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Let’s leave anything regarding the release date of B4B to TRS. I think they would know much more about it than you.

I agreed
/10 slow hype