Getting screwed by g2a


hello guys i pre-ordererd the game from g2a thinking that i would get the key to activate or at least a few days before release but they are gonna give the keys just at release.
so its not that iam not getting the game the reason for getting screwed is that i probably are not getting the behemoth for free,
i think this is something that turtle rock should take in consideration because loyal fans get punished because g2a is not a partnered official site how is the simple man to blame for keeping track of those things.
are their any other victims and should the ppl who get it day 1 be compromised for it
what do you guys think


It says this on their page, as well as on GMG. I tried pre-ordering from both first but cancelled when I read more closely that keys are given out on release day. As someone with incredibly slow internet, I NEED the preload or I would be playing DAYS after release.


1st of all does the g2a say that you will recieve it?If yes i guess it will because the game key has already been bought and counts as a pre-order.

Also no TRS shouldn’t take it into consideration.2K deals with publishing and prices of the game.Also they would say its your fault you didn’t bought it from an official game seller


thats nonsense. i ordered at gmg and got my key at saturday.

why should you get behemoth for free at all?


because its part of the pre order and yes they advertised it way back but now its not in the game details but well ill buy the dlc separete then its not about the money but about common sense and if they are not an official gaming site then it should be on the front page so ppl know


I cancelled my preorder of Dying Light for exact same reasons, polite email will solve your problems.


so wait i prerdered the pc master race edition from greenmangaming. what am i not getting?


If you go to this page you can get a list of partner retailers:

If you order from somewhere else, then caveat emptor. I personally ordered from GMG because I’ve always had good experiences with their service. G2A is a known key reseller, which means they aren’t a firsthand retailer. A little research goes a long way, and if a deal seems too good to be true then it probably is.


its not even on steam when you preorder. you get left4dead for peorder. i think you are misinformed… where does that stand?


Mine is showing up on Steam along with the monster expansion that locks in Behemoth, and I did the GMG preorder.


Good for you, their website states it will be given out at release.


GMG gave their keys already and they do include the pre order bonuses but g2a does not.


so where is my left4dead then?


Left 4 Dead is a Steam only thing, which is mentioned clearly on Steam… but as far as I know, and as far as anything I’ve seen from TRS / 2Ks marketing, it all says “Preorder to receive the Monster Expansion Pack”.

Not ‘pre order at XXX’.

‘Pre order’.

Ergo, it seems reasonable to assume that Preorder = Get Monster Expansion Pack.


thanks for clearing that up. yes the monster expansion is included in GMG.


Yea screw G2A. I preordered this in NOVEMBER before I knew we’d have to pay/preorder for these bonuses


G2A… i had pre order from them for reg. version for $36 i think, but first, it doesn’t include behemoth, 2nd the key would be given out like 8 hours after release (EST).


This is why i bought from Greenman Gaming instead. G2A looked as though pre-order bonus is not included.


How much they charge for Tomb Raider?? Your position could be worse…


Well you should just have avoided this kind of website in the first place, everyone knows it sells stolen/foreign keys. :confused: