Getting removed from the match after the match


Almost every time i am getting removed from the match. So i can’t play again with the same people. I am playing solo normal Hunt mode.

Why is the lobby closing after every match?

I want to say that it’s intentional unless you party up.


Hm, but it looks like “uh, he got his ass handed to him, he ragequit”. :frowning: And i really want a revanche if that happens. Had a great hunter team that was melting my hitpoints like nothing. Would have really liked to see if i can beat them.


It seems there is no A button for continue, only B for leave match. I am playing with an XB1 pad. When i press A at the last status screen, it kicks me from the match.


It is intentional that you get removed and re-queue after matches. It’s something we are closely watching to see if players like it or not.

Why is the lobby closing after every match?
Will the end of game summary return?, also please add group options!

Ah, thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


Are you able to explain your thoughts on the pros for having to que again after a match?

It really didn’t bother me but I did feel like if I wanted to be monster and someone else had monster as well I would just leave and search again since before we would take turns being monster. But then again I would find myself waiting for my turn as monster only to have everyone leave anyway once I was up to bat.

I just don’t know which way is better.


The intention is to minimizing boosting. It’s a market standard for our style free play to break up non-parties into separate queues. Think League/Dota.


Now you say it, this is exactly how Smite does it.

It’d be nice if you could almost informally “handshake” to stick with a player you like playing with. Not quite adding to steam friends, but something where you both agree to party up anyway?


After, I like the idea of easily partying after a match. I’ll write it down and see if we can get it in.


Seems lots of people would like the option to add and/or stay with players after a match ends. Been seeing posts here, on Steam and on Reddit.


I don’t like it. If you don’t like your former comrades, you can just leave. If you liked them, you should be able to keep playing against/with them.

And yeah, add a “Recent players” section somewhere so you can add people you liked playing with/against after the match.