Getting removed from a group after one match?


So here’s the deal. This game relies a lot on teamwork, right? So you want to find a group of hunters that play well, right? Its hard to do that when everyone seems to be removed from the group after every match, and you have to go back into the search pool. I would greatly appreciate if the devs could allow players to play together multiple times.
Not to mention that it is nearly impossible to track down other people you played with in game. When you use Steam’s ‘current players’ option in the overlay, it says ‘no steam users reported by server’. Pretty much the only way to find someone is to take a screenshot of the team loadout, then track them down on steam, hoping that you can find their account, and then add them on steam, to then add them to your game later in evolve.

Devs, please make it easier to party up.



They’re modelling quickplay on the same systems that the likes of LoL/Dota/Smite use which is to keep changing you up and matching you with different people based on (I guess) new data that it has on you.

However @GentlemanSquirl has said they are looking into a way to make it easier to party up with people you just played with to stick together for future games.

I’m conflicted because while I loved being able to work up a rapport with hunters that I worked well with, I also hated that I had to actively leave a lobby and then rejoin (usually into the same lobby over and over) if I didn’t like who I was playing with.

If the devs can sort out making it easy to party up with people who mutually enjoy playing with you then that’s the best solution for sure.


Okay, that’s good to know. But I really hope they can find a way to make partying up a lot easier.