Getting put into game as a mammoth bird?


It happend to my twice, the first time i somehow managed to get control of the monster after a while but i couldnt smell i did win though, the second time was amazing, they basically cant see you i think but you can go around the map and startle birds around >:D

It’s hilarious and amusing, the match wont end as well until they accidentally shoot you when you walk infront of them.
so next time this happends you must go and troll them, for the sake of the brotherhood, startle birds PLEASE


Right you’re the second person to say people can’t see me, but parnell dropped and insta blasted me in the face, he 100% saw me

And the monster was already player controlled, as I said


hue will do


In another thread somewhere I think we dubbed it a “murder” of mammoth birds :smiley:


I want to be a dune beetle while spectating.


Yeah that’s what happened to me too! I just found the hunters and bugged them til they killed me dead. Then I spectated the Kraken that was already playing. Looks like twitch didn’t record that part or else I would upload it…


This happened to my team last night. We melted a stage one Behemoth, only to walk around shooting every wildlife on the map until we got the guy. He was a Mammoth Bird, and could startle birds, which was amusing. @TomsMeatPlatter should have it recorded I believe. It was entertaining.


Happened twice, one time they became a MegaMouth if I remember correctly.


Can you post this? I’d really like to watch it


I don’t think I was part of this particular practice session, and now I’m deeply saddened I was not. Haha Sometimes this games glitches are more entertaining than annoying.


I have both of them. The MegaMouth one, first time it happened, I only got the tail end of it recorded. The Mammoth Bird one I have in all its glory, including us hunting down whatever was setting off the birds. I’ll upload them when I get out of work and post them in this thread.


Thanks a bunch. Looking forward to it


Before dropship, I swear I seen the monster’s selected class listed as “Elite Mammothbird”. I wonder if it was the same glitch haha.