Getting put into game as a mammoth bird?


I’m pretty sure that’s what just happened, couldn’t record since my programs not working right since update but here’s a screenshot

I’m guessing I was a mammoth bird because I walked up to another one and it didn’t shock me, and as soon as hunters landed I walked up to them and parnell blasted my face off. Once I was dead it put me speccing the wraith that was already in game, human player.


If only you had known the power you could have held in your hands…


That’s a glitch. As far as I know, Parnell couldn’t see you, nor could any of the other hunters.


Wait…Mammoth Bird confirmed fifth monster


Oh no he saw me, he shot me dead on



The ultimate power.


It’s a glitch. You’re not a mammoth l bird, but if you were that would’ve been rad awesome! This also happened to another player who was streaming as a wraith. It happens rarely, but I never experienced this myself.


Mammoth bird stage 3


this glitch happened to me… I was one of the little shell bug things… same hp… I spent most of the match running around goofing off cuz I could not do anything…

To be brutally honest, I loved EVERY SECOND of running around as a little insect… leaving no traces, and just watching the hunters from behind.

I was thoroughly amused and happy… this should be added in. Other players who want to “spectate” can become little bugs/mammoth birds and run around doing whatever.

It would probably brighten up some ideas for spectating


a wild ZAPDOS appears


And then people would abuse it to grief the teams or ghost.


Not really. Shell bugs can literally do nothing. Neither can striders, spotters or steamdons. As soon as you go up a tier into reavers, there’s griefing potential, but the ones I listed would work just fine. @MacMan , there’s a potentially awesome idea in here. Can we get this as an addition to the spectator game mode?


He said mammoth birds.


im content with anything that cant attack, just run around laughing/screaming/flailing when a hunter busts a round in them or the monster decides it wants food


Mother of god


This is a really annoying glitch. You are supposed to spawn in as the monster, but some glitch happens that makes you turn into something invisible that can still interact with other objects (as in pushing them around, but they won’t notice you there at all). You an be killed by wildlife, but you have to be next to something that is being attacked by it for this to happen. (eventually) if you can get yourself killed, you switch back to the AI Controlled monster.


had that glitch today, i thought i was a strider.
i just pushed people around. then died and was reincarnated as a Goliath.


I just had this happen to me! I was streaming and so got a video so I’ll upload it as soon as I get it.


Man I really want players to control a flock of mammoth birds. Also no team knows who they are aligned with. The mammoth player knows who he has to help in order to achieve victory and then suddenly the wild flock appears behind the hunters and closing in on the monster.

Frightening :smiley: