Getting players is one thing keeping them is another


So the other day I was watching these new players on twitch they were all friends and playing customs. It was actually painful to watch them play BC they didn’t know certain things like strikes or how to climb walls without jetpacks or even to focus laz as monster. I know TRS is focusing on new to content to bring new players but what’s the point if the players don’t even know the crucial details and they keep losing and they grow out of it. I don’t want to tell the devs how to do their job but I suggest they should update the tutorials and make 3 more for the tier 1 trapper medic and support so they know how to work the class abilities. And also they should add specific things in the tutorial like how to climb walls without jetpack, how to manage your jetpack, when to use your class ability at the right time etc. As for the monster they should learn when to run, who you should prioritize, and not to always try to take out a whole team when one person is down and when your at stage 1. Some videos should also be reworked due to some hunter changes. Do you guys agree?


The tutorial actually does cover climbing walls w/ no fuel :smiley_cat:

Besides that, I have agreed with this for a long time.


R u sure because the Guys I was watching were waiting until their fuel goes up and then they climb it. I had to tell them to look up then hold space


Maybe they just didn’t pay attention, it’s definitely in there.


No tutorial should tell you when to use abilities, or how to manage jet pack fuel. That is something that should be learned.


It’s so painful watching streams where the monster has no idea how Lazarus works.


No just how to use the class ability since it applies to all hunters


Wall climbing without jetpack is in the tutorial.

but i agree, getting new players into the game without frustrating them is something the devs should work on, although i’m not sure more tutorials are the way to go, because many people might not even bother with them.

there is a major problem with the feel of the game, where there is not enough feedback on what mistake got you killed and how to avoid it in the future.
an example: new players will waste their jetpack and then when they have to dodge a rock, like they learned in the tutorial, they won’t be able to. in theory this is fine, but making the connection between wasting your jetpack a few seconds ago and not being able to dodge doesn’t come natural.

I have no idea how to fix this and it took me a while to realize that this is a problem in the first place, but i hope the guys at TRS can come up with a solution to make gameplay feel more intuitive.


Hey, we were all new once. Learning comes with experience too. I feel the current tutorial covers all the basics fine. Maybe add in an advanced one with additional and more advanced tips, sure. But nobody wants to watch 30 minutes of tutorials either. In my opinion I feel people will learn eventually. Sometimes in the hard way.


I don’t get the idea of hand holding in games.

Go play elite:dangerous and tell me you need more tutorials in evolve. Lol.

The majority of things I’ve learned in evolve have come from playing and genuinely enjoying the game.


Ok maybe not add tutorials but make it less frustrating for new players


You have to remember one thing in thing in this discussion: most of the people that bought the game have chosen to not learn and instead just quit.

i don’t like hand holding in games, telling me exactly what to do, but when i do make a mistake, i like the game to “tell” me, what the mistake was, so i don’t make it again.

in any MP-Shooter, when i run around a corner and a sniper kills me, i know next time to go around that corner more careful (there might even be a death-cam showing me where that sniper was). in evolve i miss this kind of direct feedback.


If I remember correctly, you are only forced to go through the monster tutorial. You should be “forced” to go through both IMO.

That and TRS already did some videos explaining the basics of how things work.

Never understood why they didn’t include these videos in the game.


Or maybe they are and I’m a dumb dumb?


Nope they aren’t. I’d like to see them added. A lot of useful info can be given such as the different kinds of pings and how to do them.


I’ve always thought tutorial vids for each class instead of just assault would be extremely helpful, but honestly, we all learned and other people will too.

I think every game has it’s own nuances that people either learn or they don’t. Evolve is the first game of it’s kind and therefore has a pretty steep learning curve.


The problem is that new players have difficult to learn about “How to play Evolve”, I knew a friend which no longer play Evolve because he loses everytime. Yes, it was very fun to learn of our mistakes at the beginning, but the situation isn’t the same. Today we have a lot good monster, and new players can’t deals with them, they can’t learn from them too. So I think that new tutorials is a good idea, or, if it is too long to made, only some messages when you or a teammate died.


If you need a cam to show you that a rock just smashed your face there’s no helping you. Lol.


that’s exactly what i’m talking about. you get smashed by a giant rock, what the hell are you supposed to do about it? (talking from a new players perspective, not my own). the death cam was an example how other games handle it, but it won’t work in evolve.

when you get smashed, it doesn’t feel like the game saying “see what you did wrong there?” it feels like “haha, you got smashed like a bitch and nothing you can do about it”.

i can’t explain the reasons for it, that is something for game designers and maybe psychologists to figure out, but i think it’s the reason many people don’t even try to learn the game.


I’ve offered to coach new players but 90% of the time they don’t use a mic…and 90% of the time they don’t take up the offer so honestly I think they just wanted to play cod or something aND have a completely wrong idea of the game and how it works…


When I get smashed by a rock, I put 2 and 2 together and figure out that I should have used my jet pack to dodge.