Getting our asses kicked vs Monster AI


Help!!! What are we doing wrong…cant win a single game:(


The Monster AI is ridiculous. It fluctuates from awful to ungodly within seconds.


Kill it before it evolves to stage 3… but if it did, do your best to protect medic (use Hank’s shield, any support’s cloak, etc.) and focus on DPS’ing monster at the same time. One thing that makes AI monster difficult is that he’s focusing certain hunters without switching his attention from one to another. Usually first thing he does is trying very hard to kill medic. But when monster’s shield will be gone he will become much less aggressive and will try a clumsy escape.


Goliath AI is incredibly hard. Jukes are pointless, it will hit you every time. Hell, he’ll hit you even if you are standing behind a tree. Hes a wall hacking, aim bot cheating bastard


Basically. The problem too is he gets 100% perk instead of the lower tier start perks at lower levels. (as far as I can tell. The hunters do as well, at least when I play monster.) I’m not sure but sometimes they feel randomly harder for various reasons. Perhaps double perks at the start? It’s hard to tell.


I’d say the A.I monster ranges from too easy to better than most players could use them. Not always fun to get outright stomped because the A.I went full on god mode