Getting on the drop ship when down


The button like toggles the option without telling you. So if you press b more than once, you cancel it. Just a small thing, and I understand changing your mind so not to get on the drop ship. But, the game doesn’t tell you when you have deselected get on to the drop ship. Small thing but it just lost me a game so I thought I’d say something.


I’m not quite sure what exactly you mean.

There is currently a bug that prevents you from spawning on the dropship in some cases. Though, the devs have already fixed it internally and we’ll get the fix in an upcoming patch.


yea buddy, that sounds like a bug, xD


Switching topic to bugs id you don’t mind


It’s just not a bug though. It is something that happens, you press b once to get onto the dropship. If you press it again, it takes you off the que to get on. In my experience, which this has happened to me and my friends multiple times, if we press it more than once in a panic, it wont let us on. I understand wanting to not cancel it just in case you didn’t want on the ship because you had Laz or some shit. But the problem is, if you accidentally press it too many times in a panic, it fucks ya, and the game doesn’t tell you.


So you’re suggesting an indicator to show whether you’ve opted in or out of respawning on the dropship from incap? That would be cool. Saves the confusion.


Moved from Bugs -> Suggestions. Seems the OP is asking for an indicator to tell if you will be spawning on drop ship or not.



This is not in the game atm.
The game sometimes fails to spawn you on the dropship no matter how many times you hit the button.
There are many topics about this, like this (with a dev response):


I didn’t think you could toggle the option to spawn on dropship


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