Getting OG Evolve for friends on steam?


i’m wanting to play OG evolve with some friends who did not purchase the game when it was for sale and it would seem the only way to do that is to go to some third party key reseller that i would very much rather not do

is there anyway i can throw money at turtlerocks general direction and get them to add the games to my friends steams?


TRS has no way of doing this, you’d have to reach out to 2K with this request.

In all seriousness, reseller is probably your only option.


seriously, just look for the keys, g2a is one I have used, along with cd keys, it will be most likely your only chance of getting legacy evolve or you can try close out bins of places like target.

look, its a dollar (edit : now $4 currently)


I just realized, Elder Kraken is locked… any idea why?


played Legacy last night on PC, wasnt locked. Can you provide more Context?


^.^, I think it might be one of the random glitches. Basically, even my stats are still available for E.K, but the monster himself has a padlock on him currently… All other monsters are available.


Could be a problem with your 2k account. If it hasnt self resolved, you may need to contact support before server shutdown


Some of my stuff in Legacy was locked awhile back when it shouldn’t of been. You need to contact 2K support as they fixed that problem for me.


Imagine that happening after the shutdown, oh boy.


Playing Legacy has taught me that I have to relearn most of the maps and other such things… its like a whole new game ^.^