Getting new PC in Q1 2015 — Would ♥ your input


Hey all! I get a new PC every 4-5 years and it’s about that time. I’m beginning to research the items I will be getting and because a lot of items will be on sale from now til the end of the year. Especially if you have some PC experience, I’d love to get your input. I put my pricepoint in parentheses, and as the items get close to that value, I will make the buy.

CPU - Intel i7-5820k (299.99)

3.3GHz | 6-core | LGA 2011-v3 | 15MB L3 | 140W | Haswell-E

CONCERNS - The CPU lists as capable of DDR4-2133 support, but I am currently spec’d for DDR4-2666 memory. I know that DDR4-2666 will slow to max supported speed, but if I can save money buy buying lower spec memory to sync with CPU limitations, I’d rather do so.

CPU FAN - Noctua NH-U12S (59.99)

“LGA 2011” | U Type | 5 Heatpipe | 120mm

CONCERN - I need to verify that this supports working with the LGA 2011-v3 socket, even though it lists LGA-2011 support.

THERMAL COMPOUND - Noctua NT-H1 (5.99)

1.4ml Tube | 2.48 g/cm3


Intel X99 Express | LGA-2011 v3 | DDR-3200 | 8x SATA | 1x SATAe | 1x M.2 | ALC1150 | ATX

NOTES - I am only ever planning on using 1 video card, so it has all the needed PCI-e lanes as limited by the mobo and cpu I have selected. I don’t want to go excess on the mobo, just enough to support the capabilities of the components used with it.

MEMORY - 16GB G.SKILL Ripjaw (279.99)

4x4GB | 288-Pin | DDR4-2666 | PC4-21300 | CL15-15-15-35 at 12V | Heatsinks

VIDEO - Gigabyte GTX 980 (529.99)

PCI-e v3 | 1.228GHz Core | 1.329GHz Boost | 2048 CUDA | 7.010GHz Memory | 4GB 256-bit GDDR5

NOTES - Even though I linked to the 4GB 28nm version of this card, I may find myself waiting for the 8GB 20nm version which may be out early next year.

AUDIO - Creative X-Fi Recon3D Fatality (included)

24-bit | 5.1 Channel | 96KHz | 102dB | Dolby Digital

NOTES - I am taking this from my last PC. I have a 5.1 capable Logitech Z-5300e speaker system that is more than capable. I’m not against having to upgrade this card to something else, as I’d really love a card that can record audio played by the computer and capture all 5 (or more) channels. I have not been able to do so with this card.

DATA - Samsung 1TB SSD (399.99)

840 EVO | 1TB | SATA III | 540MB/sec Read | 520MB/sec Write | 98K IOPS Read | 90K IOPS Write

NOTES - I want to have enough room to put my OS and Games onto an SSD. Though I’m getting 1 physical drive, I plan on splitting it up to 2 volumes (C Drive for OS/Programs and D Drive for Games/Files)

PSU - Thermaltake 850W (159.99)

850W | ATX 12V | 24pin | 6x6+2 | 100-500ms | 3.3V @ 25A | 5V@25A | 12V@71A

CASE - BitFenix Shinobi XL Full Tower (139.99)

ATX Full Tower | Steel/Plastic | 5x5.25e | 7x 3.5i | 6x 80mm, 1x 230mm

OS - Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OEM (74.99)

OEM | 64-bit | Professional

MONITOR - ASUS VG248qe (449.99, or 224.99ea)

24" | 1920x1080 | 144Hz | TN | 1ms GTG | .27mm | 80M:1 | 350cd/m2 | HDMI, DP, Dual-Link DVI-D

NOTES - Ultimately I need good game monitors, but as good color repro as possible (TN vs IPS)

SUBTOTAL - 2635.89 (~48.80/mo over 4-5 years)

So that’s it! If you guys have a pro/con I’d love to know why you feel that way, and if you can help to clarify any of my questions above, that will help me sleep better. :slight_smile: Thanks for looking!


If you haven’t already, make an account on and put all your selected items into a build. That will do two really awesome things. First, it will show you incompatibilities with pieces of hardware. Also, it will show you the cheapest place to get said hardware. You can configure based on where you want to shop too (for example, limiting online retailers to Amazon and Newegg, if those are the only ones you trust).

The forums there are also full of people willing to critique your build based on what you want to do (gaming vs video editing, for example). They can make suggestions for cheaper/better parts, point out things you might not have thought of, etc.

Not saying the good people here can’t give you advice, but I always recommend just because of how much easier it is to save/edit builds. You can save multiple builds too, so you can compare and contrast changes with the original.


Thanks Tommy. I had never even heard of this place. Will give that a shot. Hopefully their system is robust enough to have the items I spec’d out.


I recommend this site


Only question I can think of is if you’re not getting a 4k monitor why go for the gtx 980 over the 970? Just I’ve been looking at getting one of them for my rig this holiday season and pretty much all of the stuff I’ve read on them say that if you’re not going to 4k anytime soon there isn’t too much compelling to pop the extra money and the 970 is still a tremendous beast. If you have the budget more power to you, but I’m a very careful shopper and am curious since maybe you know something I don’t. :slight_smile:


heartily recommend PCparticker as well. That being said, I’m going to wait to see what holiday items go on sale and I’ll help build you a decent rig at your asking point. Also, is that total US or EU?


I’m skeptical on getting Windows 7, mostly due to the age of the OS and Microsoft will halt support within several years and Windows 10 is coming out in 2015.

But it’s really up to you if you don’t mind that, still a solid choice.


Sorry about that. It’s USD. Thanks for clarifying for me. My budget is as close to 2500 as possible, but I understand that getting there may be too much. I’m willing to pay more for things I want. And yeah, I’m with you on waiting til Black Friday and Holiday sales. Freaking has the i7-5820k for 299.99 right now, that’s something I’d jump on because it’s a significant price lower, but I had those questions about max DDR4 support that I wanted to iron out before I made the buy.


Aegis’ PartsPicker Build

Since my system was to last me for 4-5 years, I wanted to future proof it as much as possible. Textures and shadow maps can really eat up a card’s performance capabilities, and word is that the GTX 980 will have a die shrink to 20nm and possibly an 8GB variant early in 2015, so I might hold out for that. Thank you for the clarification on 4K, I’m definitely not speccing to utilize that kind of gaming just yet.


Windows XP took 13 to stop the support, so we know that windows 7 came out in 2009. By the time they stop support for windows 7 his pc will be outdated :slight_smile:

Oh and windows forced me to install 8.1, it sucks.


Halt support doesn’t really mean anything. I know people still using Windows XP. If you think about it, when was the last time their support/updates have really fixed anything? Windows OSs are surprisingly solid within the first Service Pack or two.

That being said, Microsoft tends to release a crappy OS and then a good one.

Windows 2000 - Good
Windows ME - What a pile of fecal matter
Windows XP - Good
Windows Vista - Crap
Windows 7 - Good
Windows Mobile… I mean 8 - Pretty craptacular
Windows X/10/whatever it will be called - Most likely good based on how previous iterations go.


Thanks, Slewey.
You know, I am with you. I USUALLY upgrade Windows every other version. I was looking forward to “Windows 9” and saw MS come out with WinX instead. It would definitely be a very early adoption, and the OS may prove to be great and all, but I do have a couple concerns about supporting “older” software that I need to ensure works on this new build; namely, I have a Creative Suite (CS5) that though I’m sure would work fine, would put me out of business if it did not work. For a story I won’t go into, I don’t want to give Adobe any money with this Creative Cloud garbage, so I gotta make do with that. :slight_smile:


With regards to future proofing, the biggest things you want to go in for is Motherboard, power supply, and CPU mostly cuz you can always swap out ram and/or GPU cards REALLY easily. Same with monitors. I would really go all out on those and then pick either really solid and expensive devices that you don’t need to replace, or buy ones that will hold you for 1-2 years and then have a ‘mid way spot’ where you will replace Ram and/or GPU.


So what is your stance on the memory discrepancy?

The CPU states “Supports DDR4-2133” and the motherboard can support up to DDR4-3200, but the memory I have is DDR4-2666. Will this mean that the lowest common denominator (CPU) will limit the performance? Are the differences between DDR4-2133 speeds and DDR4-2666 like a couple milliseconds?

I also have to contact Noctua to find out if that CPU Cooler is compatible with LGA 2011-v3 sockets, but it got rave reviews.


I’m pretty sure that CPU doesn’t matter regarding memory speeds. I would always go off what the motherboard says and anything listed on CPU as ‘marketing material’. That being said, DDR4 is still pretty fresh and new and I don’t know too much about that 2k+ speeds on the chips as they are on the high end and not much has been tested with them.


PCpartpicker should be able to let you know if they are compatible with your build. It’s pretty handy.


Yeah, it’s a great tool. Not only says “Everything looks great” but gives a good “Parts cost breakdown by merchant” which lets me see how many have the items, and the total for the items they have (also, which other vendors have those items at lower prices). A great resource! Definitely bookmarked that. Glad it had a wide selection of items.


Ya, I never even heard of it until a bunch of requests to build computers for friends and family came up. Now I can’t imagine building a rig without it.


After doing some research seems like the Video card to get will be the

GTX 980 Ti.

8GB, 384-bit GDDR5, ~2500-2800 CUDA Cores, estimate 50% more power than Titan Black. I think that’ll be my new baby. :slight_smile:


Just beautiful.


getting me a 4k pc soon