Getting losses and losing points from events out of player control

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Before I booted up Hunt 2.0 today, I was excited for the new Hunt leaderboard and the skill-based ranking system accompanying it. I was looking forward to competing against players of my equal skill leveled, and being appropriately rewarded based on my performance. The first few games were good, and I even went up against some of the best Hunters the Xbox community has to offer. I won 8 of my placement matches with the other losses coming from the team mentioned, and placed into Silver Expert. Here however, is where things get extremely frustrating.

I began my grind towards the higher Silver ranks and in only a few games ended up stuck in an unending loading screen. I waited about 10-15 minutes, finally got fed up and quit the game. Relaunched it, lo and behold I have a loss added to my record and a large amount of points deducted from my “skill” based ranking. While frustrating, I brushed it off and figured this was a rare case and one loss doesn’t make or break any rating and go back to re-earning the lost points.

Another handful of games in, both teams get ready as the map loads, I start off and the game crashes before the Hunters even drop. Frustrated, I relaunch Evolve thinking to myself “The game crashing isn’t my fault, surely it won’t count this against me”. I soon learned I was wrong, and proceeded to lose the points I had set out to earn back and drop 10 places on the leaderboard.

IMO this is ridiculous to have my ranking punished for bugs/issues in the game that are completely out of my control. This never happened before on the old leaderboard, whenever my game crashed or some other event occurred it would simply not be a recorded match. Given how I’ve only played about 5 hours of Hunt 2.0, and have already accumulated 2 losses that didn’t even occur in-game as well as losing most of the progress I earned today due to this, I just shut the game off for the night. I can’t imagine what it must be like for players getting to the higher ranks, playing extensive amounts of time to rank up only to have a large majority of it lost simply because of an unavoidable disconnect or crash. This wouldn’t even be a concern for me had these been isolated incidents, but I’ve put plenty of hours into this game already to know these crashes and disconnects are commonplace enough to be a problem for progression.

I do not see how the new matchmaking system intends to stay accurate in skill rating if I’m simply going to be set back as much work as I put in over a disconnect, game crash, infinite load screen etc. I understand punishing players who choose to quit the game mid-match, it’s what results in incomplete games and is genuinely not good sportsmanship. But losses from bugs out of player control? Really?

I’ve honestly lost any sense of progression the skill based system has to offer when I know that I can perform well as a monster, losing very few matches, and still fall in rank for problems such as this that will likely repeat itself in the future. It changes the whole idea of ranking up from “Gosh, I’ve gotten a lot better to achieve this rank” to “Wow, I can’t believe nothing happened to impede my progress for this long”. Is this an intended punishment? If so, why?

TLDR: Recording losses resulting from crashes/glitches/bugs/other events out of player control isn’t fair nor rewarding for progression in the ranked matchmaking.

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Had this happen to me as well. I went into a match and I had a 19 win streak and lost it because of a crash.

I don’t even know why I care now.

Hell I guess I don’t now. Screw it. I’ll be back around when the next Monster pops up.

It’s the only DLC I care about anyway.