Getting kicked out/1 hour no play penalty?

so we were all playing (on the ps4) and our medic got booted (which happens a lot) and he got a 3560 second (or something like that) which was about an hour long. like wtf?? u realize this game boots people a lot so giving ridiculous penalties like that on a half broken game is a bad idea right? I hope the devs see this cause that’s a really bad for this game. Please tell me that’s a rare glitch because penalties like that are unacceptable.

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There IS a bug giving out overzealous penalties. Someone was given a 48hour penalty. It’s being looked into.

But this one doesn’t sound like a bug. It’s to penalize people who leave half way through games (I’ve seen a bunch of monsters RQ, as well as hunters). True this isn’t the medics fault in this case, but it’s hard to differentiate what the reason for leaving was. (In the past people have used a method to cause a disconnect to prevent losses registering on the leaderboards, to maintain their WLR).