Getting Impossible to play Hunt on PC? New quick play hunt?


I am sure I’m not the only person finding it hard to get a game of Hunt, It’s an awesome game but if I want to be sure to get a game of hunt its in offline mode, I tried for 3 hours almost to get a Hunt match where I am the monster and I got 1 game, I Play as Goliath, I am not a hunter type player,

A mode where the lobby host chooses monster then searches for hunters would be great, But I cant do this, I cant just play hunt exclusively either, Just saying this might drive away most players, cant play the mode they want as a class they want, the match making mode doesn’t work, may as well just not be an option, Can anything be done to entice players to play the ranking mode?

Say make a skin maybe a platinum skin? then do a point thing for rank mode alone to get the community involved in rank matches?
Just a thought for TRS to consider, If nothing else the rank mode would make things more interesting, everybody want to rank up I just dont think they can find a game to rank up in.

Thanks reading, Have you any suggestions that could induce a popuation in hunt matchmaking? post your suggestion below cheers