Getting close to my limit: Balance Patch ETA needed


There are really grating balance issues around the game that are really trying my patience. I’ve been an avid supporter of the game and have played for hours everyday since release. But the silence on telemetry and the balance notes is making it so that I’m not going to touch the game until some characters are brought into line. You know who they are, there have been plenty of threads.

Console patch to be specific.


If the game was on one Console or PC only and the game was not Triple A there would be daily/weekly patches but since it ain’t we gotta wait from 2 weeks up to 1 month for the devs go trough various bulshit byrocracy and testing before they can release said patches.

Just be patient and come back after they have done the patching or keep on playing, nothing in these threads will make the patch come sooner. They know the issues and are working on them prolly feeling bad for the kinda disaster bug filled release.

I personaly wish the Dev’s strenght to go trough these difficult first weeks or months who knows how long it will take to get stuff sorted out.

Ps.<3 devs


This is interesting. What goes on in your mind when you decide to create a thread like this? At first I thought it could just be ignorance or being uneducated to forums. But then you say you noticed all the other threads. So, you do know how threads work. Now I try to understand why you would not just post that in those theads. Are you someone special or think that you are? Why make a comment almost everyone will ignore due to the lack of content, originality, and the fact most of us are already having this discussion in other threads? Or do you think it would be lost in the other threads and you desperately want attention so much that you think creating a new topic will have a better chance of achieving that? Or maybe you are just trying to drown out the other threads. I really do not understand the logic behind this thread and any others like it.


Devs often respond to various topics and threads. You make a thread, a dev might respond. Now what is interesting is how much time you wasted typing that out.


If you say so. I learned something and it only took me about a minute. I do not consider learning wasting time.


YOU GET A WRAITH! YOU GET A WRAITH EVERYONE GETS A WRAITH (and think they are good at hunt)


The game has some issues but most games do when they come out of the gate. Its the price we pay for games that are more involved then just jumping on Koopas and picking up coins.

The game is perfectly playable and outside of some balance issues has no really gamebreaking bugs in it. Other games have not been so fortunate, GTA V didn’t work, Skyrim and dragons flying backwards, Destiny was…well…still not fixed but that’s a bad example.

Give them some time to balance things out properly. I have no idea what their internal mechanisms or benchmarks are for making changes but if it were me I would be waiting until a significant portion of their player base were competing at max level and see how the end game is playing out.

Getting owned by a Wraith when your new to the game and sitting at level 2 is what you want to be balancing for.

And be thankful that they at least come here and communicate and seem helpful, that is miles ahead of the support some games give you.