Getting Chased By A Huge Inflatable Behemoth Actually Looks Really Fun. Why can't the game be like this?



I like this idea.

TRS, get on it now.


Wish behemoth could run people over like that. Instead of like the knockback.


And getting stopped by reavers. sigh


This girl is so pro at dodging.


Isn’t that dangerous? 0_0


Soft,wet ground and an inflatable water balloon with people inside.

The worst to happen is to sprain an ankle :stuck_out_tongue:


I would think so, but they spread out in a way where they won’t trample one another if they get rolled on.

I’m really horrified at the selfie sticks, all I can think about while watching the video was. If this was Final Destination what would happen next? Which is the most horrifying part of the video.

The baloon won’t hurt the people inside, i know that.


How do they get in there together? O.o
I don’t like people sitting next to me, let alone have several people rolling around in a ball touching me.


If you throw up in that balloon thing, you are dooooomed!


That would have been gross. ^.-


And if someone farted in the balloon…

Mother of god…


Darn hipsters and their zorbing >.<
I think that’s what this is called?


Whwre do they do this at? Looks like a blast.


It’s an international event held in different countries time to time. I think the last was held in ireland during summer.