Getting buffs as the hunters, whats the point?


What’s the point in killing an albino as the hunter and taking the buff when the monster can still get it. I dont understand somebody help me with this one


In 2.5 minutes the body decomposes


Because you get the buff. Just because the Monster ‘might’ get it doesn’t diminish it’s usefulness. Also, you don’t know if the monster even wants that perk atm.


i was under the impression that once we killed and took the buff the monster could not.


Even if all 4 hunters pick up the buff the monster can still grab the buff before the body decomposes in 2:30 from it being slain.


Alright thanks for clearing that ul for me.


Well the monster is going to kill the creature and get the buff anyway if he comes across the animal, you might as well buff yourself up before you fight…


You’d be surprised ive had some goofy ass monster players lol


I think this is a great question. The team that killed the monster should only be the one(s) to receive the buff. This would give incentive to down elite creatures before the opposing team/person has a chance to get it. This works for both sides.

This would add to the depth of the game play as now each side knows if they kill an elite creature that effectively denies the other team from getting a perk.

Please revise your thinking on this Turtle Rock, not fair the opposing side benefits from your hard work.


They won’t because they want the monster to be ez mode.


They tested it different ways but this worked best, reason being that the Monster takes a substantially larger risk in taking a buff. Example:

There’s an elite Armadon, and the Monster is in early stages, being hunted. If he chooses to get the buff, he’s risking health or armor, and more importantly, time. For a Monster to get a buff, he has to fight a creature, then eat it. Should the Hunters get LOS on him, they can do damage, trap him, and deny the perk by shooting him as he tries to eat. The Hunters? Pfft. Medic can take down an elite given good positioning, then stoop down and pick it up in the blink of an eye, and the Monster can’t do a damn thing seeing as he’s too far.

tl;dr- Hunters cannot be denied perks unless the Monster kills and eats them first, and Monsters cannot be denied perks unless the Hunters poke him to keep him from eating. It’s very well thought-out and balanced- I felt the same way pre-alpha, but I’m sold now.

This is so wrong, in so many ways. Don’t be ignorant.


Is it confirmed that all bodies decompose in 2:30? I was under the impression bigger corpses decompose slower like 1 min per meat.


Yeah, I understand your logic but now look at it from another angle.

Sure the hunters can kill the Armadon (using your example) and get the buff. Now while they are doing this (and this cycle could repeat for every elite creature found) all this is doing is give the monster a larger lead to eat and gain distance on the hunters. I’m sorry I can’t agree with your conclusion.

So the hunters in my example do the work, kill the elite creature and the monster randomly stumbles across the neutral they killed and benefits from it, naw, don’t like that choice.


I’m with you 100%. Would make more sense spending some extra (valuable) time killing an elite creature. From two different tactical point of views, 1. getting the actual buff and 2. preventing your enemy from picking it up.


It makes the game more interesting tactically if either side can pick up dropped buffs. It forces you to think about when and where you kill elites, on either side of the game. Plus, some buffs are better for one side or the other (e.x. health regen is much better for monster than hunters IMO). Also also, things like Abe’s darts and Markov’s mines are practically designed to deal with the monster trying to pick up buffs.


I understand where you are coming from. I guess it all comes down to preference. Personally I like to keep what I kill and not share. That’s just me. But I do see your point especially with my preferred character Abe.


Monster heads into the jungle on fusion plant- you com accross an albino tyrant and kill it early in the game helping you in the stage 1 - 2 fight/fights monster is low HP at stage 3 and goes to get hp re… oh wait thats gone


Correct ALL monsters decompose at 2:30. How meat decay works is that every 45 seconds the target loses 1 meat. You can never have less than 1 meat. So a 4 Meat kill goes like this:

0:00 Death
0:45 Turns into 3 meat
1:30 Turns in 2 Meat
2:15 Turns into 1 meat
2:30 Decay

A reaver with 1 meat goes like this.

0:00 Death
2:30 Decay


It’s just the opposite. There are no tactics or skill involved in a monster randomly running around the map and coming upon a buff he/she didn’t earn, benefiting from the hunters kill.

Markovs mines are SUPER easy to see so that not going to work not to mention every monster has an ability/ies that can deal with mines without them taking damage.

Abe’s darts are designed as a last resort since you are having a hard time finding the monster obviously in the first place. It’s not like you ONLY dart dead buff creatures, if so, you are doing it wrong, you dart EVERYTHING! That example has no merit, sorry.

It is more tactical to know you are going to deny the enemy a buff if you kill a certain elite creature. Do you people that defend how this works in the game currently camp dead buff neutrals to deny the monster the buff? NO, is the answer you are looking for.


The tactics come from the decision for the hunters to kill that elite creature in the first place. Obviously it’s not practical for the hunters to kill an elite Tyrant and leave the corpse behind for the monster to eat and regen all health with. Instead, the hunters can choose to leave that Tyrant alive, to force the monster to burn precious time killing it, at risk of having it eat them later.

On mines, hiding mines in bushes actually ca be effective in terms of dealing unexpected damage to the monster. In addition, Markov can see when his mines are destroyed on the map, so if he were to rig an elite’s corpse with the mines and suddenly they all disappeared, the squad can double-time to that location and dome/kill an early-stage monster.

With the darts, no, Abe is not going to only dart elite wildlife. That would be counter-intuitive. The idea is, Abe is much more likely to dart large elite wildlife as a priority vs. smaller 1 or 2 meats. Having Abe in the game makes it MUCH more dangerous to eat any dead wildlife he finds lying around, due to the extremely high chance of the corpse being darted. Not to mention the danger of dogging the hunters’ path within 2.5 minutes of them being there, ESPECIALLY with Abe in the game.