Getting a really weird "reverb" sound glitch since the update


I’ve had this really weird sound “reverb” glitch happen a few times now. I’m not sure what triggers it, but it persists the entire game and through the menus until I restart the game. It doesn’t drop my frames or anything like that, it’s just the sound. It happens no matter what role I’m playing. My only guess is it’s something with the auto-shotgun or the kinetic rifle. But that’s just a guess.

I recorded a video of the sound glitch happening.

Starts around 20 seconds.

I’ve got absolutely no idea what’s causing this, and it’s only since the update. With this and the constant “protocol errors”, it’s very frustrating trying to play with friends lately.

Platform is PC, and as I said, never happened before the update.


I had the problem prepatch, I had to un install and reinstall my audio drivers.


Been having some weird sound problems since patch as well, like someone is shooting next to my ears, or this eerie pulsating sound all over the map.


Had a similar sound problem yesterday with the Kraken Air burst sound.


I’ve noticed this problem with Torvald’s shotgun, it just carries on with the shooting sound even after i’ve switched weapon or stopped firing


Maybe that’s what I’m hearing, right by my ear even though he’s not even near me.


Same here. Doesn’t happen often though.


There’s a lot of audio issues with this patch.

Torvald’s shotgun
Hank’s orbital barrage
Torvald’s voice in some dialogue sounds like the recording happened too close to the mic, but maybe that’s just me
Jetpack sounds coming from one direction, when they’re in the complete opposite

That’s to name a few.