Get Sunny Elite - Are you fed up?

So I FINALLY got my elite Sunny lol
I had her almost complete except for the jetpack booster and shield drone back in April, then I took about a month and half break from Evolve and came back in June (side note: go play the Witcher 3, it’s awesome).

Now for the last month or so I’ve been frustrated because none of my games in multiplayer seem to last long enough to get a point in the jetpack and shield masteries. Fed up and just wanting this last hunter done (I even finished Lennox before Sunny), I decided just to solo it.

I recommend doing a solo custom game on Defend with a difficulty favoring the hunter with the capacity perk.

When the monster and minions aren’t around, boost away from the 3 bots and turn around to use the jetpack booster on them as they try to follow you. Do this continuously when there isn’t anything to shoot.

Shield Drone
The shield drone mastery only says to shield 2000 damage in a single match, it doesn’t specify that it needs to be from the monster.
Place the shield drone close to the generator and stand in front of the minions as they attack it. You can shoot them too if you want but I didn’t just cause they do damage longer then. Just watch how much is left on the drone so you know when to move away from the minions. Then once it’s recharged, jump in front of the minions again.

So if you’re as fed up trying to finish Sunny as I was, try that for a couple hours. You can usually get the 1 point in each mastery in about 3-5 min, but it depends on the monster bot really and how many times it destroys the shield drone.


All this time I thought it had to be from the monster…

God dammit. Somebody KILL ME.

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I KNOW! I finally figured that out yesterday lol I’m so used to the last tier of stars always involving the monster

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I told you though, Rose; did I not? o.O
Easy way to do it is to go on Wraith Trap, turn on gas (map effect), and stand in it.

Also, you can get Slim to be on your team as well. He’ll put his bug on you, and it’ll regen nonstop. The gas damage doesn’t disable the bug.


I thought that was only for the second star! You never said ti was for third! Why don’t you care about me anymore?

This is ridiculous, I spent so much time putting up with bots and pubs…WQDfwns ldjwk;mvs ojpifdkas;LMNKPBL

@aboatman THANK YOU.

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No… o.O
I thought you were working on the third star. :confounded:

But yeah… I also told you I’d help you get the elite if you wanted help.

I just went into solo Defend mode, placed drone near one of generators and was happily getting punched by little Goliath minions melee attacks as they were trying to destroy the generator.


That’s what they did as well. ^.-

Oh, funny, I didn’t read that cause… too many letters.


On topic, Eliting Sunny hurts. Half the things are out of my hands, especially in pubs. I’ll see if any of these tricks help.

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Even doing this still hurt, but at least I knew I would get ONE point each match.

Yes, as opposed to taking a complete gamble. The suspense was the worst, not knowing whether or not you did it…

Plus, since it’s solo mode I can pause it and take a break :smile:
Even if it’s just to walk off some frustration.

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The problem isn’t how to progress these masteries, it’s just how long it takes.

I wish the counter like “Shield XXX damage” would reset after progressing so you can do it again instead of having to play so many different matches where you can only progress 1 point per match.
Same with Lazarus.

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Yeah, like if I shielded 4000 damage in a match I want to get 2 points instead of one

MAn i didnt think about the shield drone idea. The jetpack was very easy though

THANK YOU! Shes the last elite i need out of all the characters and ive been trying forever getting no where.

Admittantly, Lennox is pretty easy to elite. I elited her the day after I got her.

True. I also elited Crow, Slim and Torvald before Sunny, too though

Out of all of T4 I have only elited Torvald. I’m working on Slim, but I just can’t get his dang Spore Clouds.