Get rid of or super nerf spore gun


hello am /lloyd and I am sad about the spore gun why you ask it is simple I do not think the developers took into consideration that some of their community are visually impaired. when I used to play I would look for the names and outline all the time then they brought in the spore gun which made me not even able to see, and it is even worse when i’m behemoth and because of this tremendous fu** up whenever i enter a game with slim i am forced to quit and wait 1 minute until the countdown ends, then I get into another game and the same thing happens, it is an endless cycle that I wish would stop. :frowning:


have you tried using fissure or lava bomb?


yes but although lava bomb sets them on fire it is only temporary and I can’t use fissure when it is too hard to see.


I always predict were they would go and aim there.
I’m color blind so I understand the hardship.
I found out a week ago that name are color coded by class and I can only really tell who the assault is.


I use sound and visual cues to locate hunters in spore cload. I don’t mean to be rude but how can you not see them bouncing around like roaches?


my eyesight is classified as severely impared I can only really see something if i’m really close to it the names above their head was the thing i used to tell where they are and taking that away it is annoying not only is it hard to see them but when i concentrate to try and see them my eyes start to hurt and I get headaches. If your wondering i do know this post won’t change anything because they have already got people to buy slim because of his spore gun, I made this post in hopes that they won’t do something like this again, the second reason is to get tips to help me out with trying to find them


Oh… I’m sorry to hear that… :cry:


Impaired vision. That’s rough. I’m sorry. A lot of this game is about visual cues. But an equal amount are from audio cues as well. Roll out of spore clouds as often as possible, but if you can’t, cast lava bomb in the general area you believe them to be. If you connect, keep smacking them with me lee hits and listen for the crunch and smacks of a successful hit.

When you can’t hear anymore, cast fissure and listen for the hunters. They all warn each other of incoming behemoth stacks. Rinse and repeat to the best of your ability, and don’t forget to keep moving out of clouds when you’re truly lost.

Overall though, in a world of Slims behemoth is easy pickings. You’re probably gonna need a kraken to counter them if you really can’t abide by the spore clouds.


Lloyd I’m sorry for your eyesight… But asking the developers to completely destroys a character for (one/handful) of visually impaired players over the thousands that see just fine and enjoy him is a ludicrous proposition… Unfortunately (for you) he’s in the game, try playing as hunters… You won’t have the spore cloud issues, and the rest of us keep the character as he was ment to be played…


I really understand the struggle here, but afterall, this is a hunt and someone with impaired vision would struggle in a hunt, right? As harsh as it may sound, people with this set of circumstances are obviously an extreme minority and you can’t scrap stuff that works just fine for thousands of players just for them. You can do it though, trust me, I see fine in everyday life but once the spore cloud hits I am blind as a bat myself. Like, I need to be an inch away from my TV and squint my eyes heavily to see the hunters a tiny bit. I mostly rely on prediction, cues from the way my monster moves (normal attacks usually “feel” different when I hit) and audio cues. Try to apply that.

I am very sorry that there isn’t a real work around for you and anyone else who has this handicap though. The idea of the spore gun is great but I suppose this just can’t be worked around. Just think of you working properly. Afterall, the spore gun is supposed to severely handicap the monster, now you have to drop the sense of smelling (in your case seeing) and have to work with the rest, just like the monster would for real. :slight_smile: