Get Rid of Leveling


I don’t know why so many games do this now, perhaps another awful gift from activision. Make me have daisy revive 10 times? Make me do 10,000 headshot damage with Griffin, or catch them in a jump 80 times? Get other hunters to do X amount of damage on your weak point markers? I don’t really see any reason for this thing to be in the game.

Why do I want to be shooting at the monster all the time with Griffin? Why would I want Daisy to revive people? She doesn’t even seem to attempt it if there is a medic in the game. Just give me the perks to choose from and normalize the damage across the board.

Also, give me a climb that works better. Sick of looking directly at the wall and occasionally failing to climb.


I admit the climb is a lot worse in than in the alpha. I seem to fall for no reason even when holding siren jump.

The leveling is fine and fun thing to do if you want. The masteries are only there to make you try new things and not necessary to do. Minus first level to unlock higher tiers but those are so easy.


The 10% from 3 starring something is a big deal in my opinion.


Then earn it like everyone else. Rewarding people for doing something difficult is good.


I don’t feel like anything is in there to make you focus on that particular thing, you just randomly do all that stuff anyways.


I don’t generally pull out my gun to shoot the monster with Griffin. I feel like the only purpose for it to be in the game is to make people feel like they are progressing towards something. The most fun I ever had in an FPS was Quake 3, ET, CS and UT2004. I want to start the game playing how I want to play, I don’t want to have to unlock level 3 jet pack fuel or movement speed. It feels like such a waste of my time. If I want to play an hour of the game, I want my hour to be played at the max ability, not working towards that.

I feel like it makes it harder to find the true balance of the game as well, when we are stuck unlocking these perks get to the true potential.


I dig the leveling. It’s a cool incentive to try new stuff, and it means that there’s going to be more variety in the characters one encounters online. It’s a solid system. Do Not Change It. :rage:

My $0.02


Leveling is a carrot on a stick, just like in reallife, people like to work and have a goal and feel the accomplishment when they get their achievement. A progression system is mandatory nowadays because there are MANY people who like a game less, if they cannot unlock shit or progress visually in levels and they also built in small permanent buffs you get when leveling up so you gain an advantage over other players.

The speed of leveling is ok, might be a bit slow for casuals who don’t play often. After a heavy session on Friday and Saturday i managed to reach level 14. That’s just 2 days, but i also played for like 10+ hours.

They boast that this game is soo balanced, yet they have buffs in game and permanent ones for progression. This game has a long way to go to be perfectly balanced.