Get rid of damage while evolving


The monster is in a cocoon, isnt that technically a barrier? i just lost cause i had to chase around a laz until i finally killed him and lost half my health, lost basically the rest trying to kill everyone else after that, ran away evolved and hank dropped an orbital barrage on me and killed me, orbital barrage OP(llul). when a monster is evolving they shouldnt take damage, I’ve never been killed like that while im in the process of finishing evolving


They have to take damage while evolving…
If they didn’t, no monster would have to think.

Getting low health in a dome? Evolve! You’ll be safe for a long time!

Running from hunters? No need to worry, I’ll just Evolve with no consequences!

This is a needed part of the game.


Silly Silly man…you haven’t played monster long have ya :wink:


have to what?


Troll thread?

That’s a mechanic that’s been in since the beginning. It’s part of the core strategy of the game. The damage during evolve is the whole reason that it’s worth hunters pressuring the monster.


just since it came out, all i play is monster, the game is clearly geared towards a hunter, any group of 4 people with half a brain can get together and cut off the monster and find him


trolling… 2015…


it shouldnt be such a game changer


True but if you are a Good Monster then things like that don’t really bother you as much


It should be a game changer… You should try to find a safe place to evolve, that’s all… It makes the monster have to think.


I honestly think what @Shin said is right it defeats the whole purpose of being smart when you decide to Evolve. Plus once you evolve you should start running again. I play both sides and I think it’s just fine the way it is.


im like 30 on global with behemoth ive got more stage 1 wins than most and I’d be higher on the leaderboards if I didn’t freeze. my W/L ratio is 5.2

what else would I base it off? Only people on the leaderboards who arent legit are the ones with 0 losses or 1 or 2 losses…and there’s not many. Everyone else is legit. Not sure what you’re trying to do except take shots at me.


i didnt have time to run, and I always take movement speed, I ran away hid behind a cliff/mountain thing evolved took my skills and orbital killed me


Yeah if you evolved under the open sky against a Hank while the hunters were close to you… that’s a bad play, and you reaped the consequences. Doesn’t make the mechanic broken.


Then you should not have evolved… : /


So you base your skill on a Broken system that is known as the leaderboards… now I am not hating on ya im just saying that a skilled monster can evolve without taking damage and get away easily no matter how good the team is.


Not to be rude but honestly that’s your problem, not the game’s problem.


i evolved behind a cliff’

too much assuming going on, I got killed WHILE EVOLVING. i picked my skills and died

yeah true I in the heat of the moment I wasn’t thinking about being protected from above, i guess im just a little salty.


Not behind a cliff, under a cliff…


This is easily the silliest thread I have seen.

Learn to monster, buddy. If you’re so good with Behe stage 1 then WHO CARES about the cocoon damage?

I’m actually good at monster, 300+ games and I’ve been found evolving like twice-on Foundry map only.