Get rid of carrion birds


Seriously, they are just stupid.
Might as well show us where hunters are too then



Also, custom games to turn them off.


I find Trapjaws far more irritating especially Daisy


but she’s your only means of finding the monster if it sneaks


I think there are a few to many at the moment.
You send the hunters in the opposite direction and sneak the other way, kill a creature and carrion birds appear.
What was the point in that effort? lol.

They appear way to often they need to be toned down.


Then there would be no counter to sneaking. Like you said you can just sneak off in a different direction leaving the hunters completely blind. IMO the whole hunt thing is badly done once the monster and hunters both get a solid grasp on things. Too much running, not enough incentive to fight.


It’s basically a uav, where’s the monster’s uav


Nah, those birds aren’t a big of a deal. Keep on running and try to shake the hunters.


running means they can see your tracks and if you sneak away they will find you because of the birds

sneaking is useless


No. Let’s not get rid of them.


I feel the urge to refer to them as cancer birds
luckily i’m more mature than that


You’re funny.

Just eat bigger meats and stop feasting in one spot.


I completely agree. They’re a good mechanic, but they should appear 1/5th or 1/10th as often as they do now. I had a game where they appeared 3 freaking times in a row, perfectly showing which way I was going.


Yeah don’t get rid of them, but they shouldn’t appear all the time.
At a guess it’s got to be every 2 kills they appear for me (on ps4 at least).
RNG gods are not in monsters favour.


Kill and eat bigger meat targets. Every creature you eat increases the chance of the birds spawning. Kill 5 x 1 meat is less worthwhile and has Greater chance of spawning the birds than killing 2 x 3 meats (and you got more meat from it!)

Use your abilities to help kill the large 4-meat targets, too, they’re worth the effort, providing the hunters aren’t right on your tail.


if you go kill a 4-meat and the resdt 3 meats you can get to stage 2 without triggering them once ;´)


Kill and eat bigger meat.
It’s a simple feat, and quite neat.
You’ll be harder to beat.
One of the elite.


Sniff sniff sniff sniff


They are a necessary evil for now but in the end, should the game develop a competitive stage, this kind of RNG is harmful and I’d love to see them go in favour of improved gameplay.

I’d rather have sneak tweaked and the hunting experience improved, rather than RNG carrion birds


Hunters see the birds sign from from the other side of the map. Monster’s sniff can’t even reach past the first rock. :wink: