Get ready for future Gorgon Nerfs!


Let’s not start provoking people :slight_smile:


I can adapt, and I’m not whining. I’m saying that something unique has been given to us and the last time this happened, the entire archetype of the character was changed. I wish to avoid this if possible, because as it stands, Goliath, Wraith, and Behemoth all feel the same to play.


Ok ok I’ll stop. I just like calling people out because it makes them have to actually justify their bs but ya know how people are >.<


I’m 100% sure saying you have no respect for Rose is a very very bad thing. I’d edit that post if I was you.


Nope. I’ll stick to my guns because it’s what I actually think. She brought this viewpoint of mine toward her upon herself. That’s not my problem. To be honest I’m more disappointed in her than anything because I thought she was better than that.

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Yeah… please stop.


i do not feel she is op but i do want to point out that bucket turrets accuracy is to low to kill the little spiders after stage 2


Nah I don’t agree with that viewpoint at all. She attacked me out of anger. Not my problem


That applies to their actions in a moderator role, in my opinion. Their actions outside of the capacity as a leader/moderator doesn’t apply. At least I would think it wouldn’t, as it’s not them in an official capacity. I’ll let the mods decide on that and not make a judgement for them though. In my view, it’s like him giving his views on me and my conduct after a game with him.

Edit: To be clear, I’m not siding with either party, I’m merely presenting my interpretation of the rule, taking into account the wording, the location in which the rule is located, and the situation/circumstances in which the “actions” took place in.


Good man :slight_smile:

10 chars


If anything I would say she is under powered haha. I have destroyed most Gorgons so far although I think in good time some good players will come by.


I don’t think she is UP but I feel the timer should be in favor of the monster till stage 3 so the hunters can’t decide to camp relay when they are getting their booties kicked lol. Btw do you play on PC? I’ll add ya if you do :slight_smile:

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Gorgon’s powerful abilities are countered by how much health she loses very quickly. She needs to do damage

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Its been ONE DAY. ONE DAY PEOPLE. It is WAY too early to call her OP/UP yet. People are still learning how to play her, and hunters are still learning how to play against her.



Shouldn’t it be 50%? 100% Would mean she’d lose all her fights.

At the end of the day me and @10shredder00 have shared very similar concerns about Miley hopefully the changes she get won’t be as drastic as the Wraith.



I feel like TRS should have a rule where they close all balance topics until after 1 week from the time of a character’s release.


This would be nice. EVERY patch this happens, people cry OP/UP to high hell, then a week goes by, and everyone realizes that it wasn’t ANYWHERE near as bad as they thought as strategies and counters appear.

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Every change wraith got wasn’t deserved, so you would be wrong about that. What people are referring to when they say “I don’t want another wraith” is the degeneration of a monster with a unique play style like I don’t know an assassin into a generic brawler.
You also seem to be confusing the monster itself with the people that played it, and they’re not the same thing.
The “problem” with wraith were the bitch ass flee till 3 hide in dome spam decoy players, not the actual monster itself but players abusing mechanics that the devs never imagined someone would actually be a big enough scrub to abuse.

Some of the most fun I ever had was playing against pre nerf wraiths that actually fought hard. Granted some of her abilities needed to be adjusted but nothing like we currently see.


Actually I can and I will because I’m tasked with keeping peace here. What I do off forums is my business and I expect to keep it that way.


A lot of forum drame lately, we should get our own soap opera.