Get out of here! HURRY!


Go throw some goliath rocks ^.^ less forums more rock throws!!



But it hasn’t begun? I thought it was at midnight?


i thought they usually started on fridays >.>


who cares go practice!! long live the goliath XD


Fair nuff ^.^


I threw 33 rocks today, enjoy. I don’t play Goliath.


But I can’t stop playing Behemoth Wraith!


The challenge went live at midnight THIS morning. There is even a bulletin about it on the games menu. Get to throwing!




xd description


Sorry I am at work :frowning:


i threw like 400 of those bastards yesterday i’ll throw more rocks when i’m dame well ready.


Rock Throw is my bread and butter… my steak and potatoes…

That’s like challenging me to breath all day and you get a million dollars… Oh… ok cool. Challenge accepted.


Same here ^.^


got 75 rock throws already woot woot, who do you voodoo bitch XD cant wait for the skin


Too bad they didn’t put up a counter on the main page, it would have been fun to watch it go up every day.


yup and then mysterious 10,000k rock throws appear out of no where when the quota isnt met XD


263 Rock Throws.

Get on my level.


i lost count at 200+ :grin:


I just made sure I only used Rock Throw against Hunters and then divided the damage I got by 800.

…I also made a voice recording of me playing and called out every successful rock and counted them after. :grimacing:


lol i just counted the rock throws at the end of each match i kept getting 25 ish every time but then i lost count of my matches and oh well it was above 9 matches for sure lol