Get it together

I’ve been playing this game since the first hour of release and haven’t really played anything else since. I absolutely love it and think it’s one of the most fun and competitive games I’ve ever played, but I must say I’m getting sick of it. I can deal with game play bugs and the every day, run of the mill crap that has yet to be fixed (like my behemoth getting stuck while rolling on a blade of grass), because at least I can play. On the other hand, matchmaking is ridiculous, especially since the latest update. Its taking 30 seconds to a minute to even find matches (lucky to even find a full match), not to mention the constant disconnects by myself and others. Also the constant and infuriating game lag while in matches. I really hate to say Im ready to quit playing because I don’t want to, but I’m close. I’ll go back to Destiny… at least they listen to the community. So please Turtle Rock, if ur listening, send me an email when u get your crap together… because I’ve about had it.


You have some patience! i gave up on Evolve a while ago,although i do play it maybe 1-2 times a week but i’ve lost interest in it.

My advise to you is to play other games when Evolve frustrates you.

I gotta wonder if I really should feel bad for TRS and 2k for the huge decline in this game. I stuck around through all their DLC announcements, I defended the game from people saying it’s just cat and mouse, I dealt with the launch issues and awful but atleast playable matchmaking.

Now this game is completely unplayable and it just had to happen when I convinced a group of friends to finally pick this game up. They are already moving on because if anyone owns an Xbox you know how much it sucks to play a broken game like Halo and Battlefield. Enough is enough and TRS needs to get it together and some people in this community really need to stop sticking up for them through everything. Some of us are just tired of everything this game does to us.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuump. Waited 90 mins to join a game as a 4 last night, Gave up and played custom. One guy got kicked from custom after a single game and couldn’t get back in. Ended up playing custom with 3 which just sucks.
XBO matchmaking needs fixed stat

Be strong guys! I too have played since launched and loved every part of this game(im finally getting behemoth :smiley: ). The next T5 announcment shouldnt take longer than 2 weeks. Im taking also taking a break for now :stuck_out_tongue:

Same experience, same reason for quitting. How can I play a game if it won’t let me?

I defend the game constantly, and have played as much as 30-40 hrs a week (I have no life lol)… I have always played and bought games with my brother in law so we can play together, and I can not get him to play this because of its issues. I even offered to buy it for him. I waited for the game ever since it was announced at E3 and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It might be my favorite game of all time, but like everyone else I’m starting to get aggravated. I just wanna play without being constantly kicked or lagged out.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be leaving the forums though, right?

You’re a swell guy and I’d hate to see you go! :frowning:

Lol at least I can connect here

I don’t know why you would come here and think they’d care about someone who talks to them like that.

If you had actually been around here, you’d be able to see that they’re listening to what we have to say and that they’re interacting with us more than most other developers.

I can see you haven’t reported any bugs on the forum, made any suggestion threads and told them what you think they could improve on or much else for that matter, which leaves me absolutely clueless as to why you would even consider going as far as accusing TRS for not listening.

In the end, please just consider changing your attitude to be more respectful and constructive in the future, thank you.


for people who are interested in ranked play.

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