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That is actually really good. Being an immobile tank, you would need some sort of disable to actually keep hunters within your attacking range.

Since the two released monsters have movement abilities that help them actually get in and out of fights, maybe the turtle can do land surfing on its belly. He’s gonna have abilities based on molding the earth, so why not have him slide on it? Not as problematic as the burrowing as I don’t really see a giant rock turtle burrowing easily.


Maybe a tongue attack that can pull a hunter to you. It automatically starts a ‘pounce attack’ but if you’re in the middle of combat it just pulls you to him.


I like your turtle idea but what if we combine it with a chicken? It has inverted knees and can jump high and far (to evade and quake). Give it a sort of “Jurassic park” venom spit that slows the hunters down. It would be a good midrange monster. To even the playing field, it can not climb. At all. If you crowd it its easier to beat.


We have a bruiser style monster and a mage style monster, and number three is estimated going to be stealth/ranger style. With that logic, tank sounds amazing! Maybe it moves slower but has more armor than most monsters.

I agree that the deflection could get wonky, especially with things like a flamethrower or lightning gun, but I feel it would need some intrinsically defensive abilities. I have been thinking on it, and have something like this:

Burrowing Charge - TurtleRock goes underground with it’s shell above land and charges forward. It knocks back anything hit with the shell.

purpose - mobility and soft crowd control to offset slowness.

Shell Shock - Spikes launch radially from the TurtleRock’s shell. Hunters caught at close range are knocked away.

purpose - slow speed makes it hard to evade hunters after a fight. This allows reliable disengage when things get too close.

Tortoise smash - TurtleRock rears on it’s hind legs slowly and slams down hard after charging for a few moments. Hunters in the smash zone are devastated, and it releases a shock-wave that carries hunters and monsters with it, dealing light damage. Think like a melee version of vortex.

purpose - A tank should have one slow heavy move that devastates targets who stay in the way. It is fun and satisfying to land.

Outgas - Turtle rock releases a thick fog from the holes in its shell. The gas lingers and trails behind it for a while. The gas will spread, obscuring vision and slowing targets within (think steamadon plus damage). The ability has an ammo system but can be toggled on and off.

purpose - this will help keep TurtleRock safe while trying to travel, providing cover and crowd control, along with light damage in fights. It also prevents it from becoming a slow sitting duck.

alternative option: “Tortoise Cannon” - TurtleRock withdraws into its shell and releases a slow moving but high damaging laser. This laser can be aimed and angled as it is channeled (think charged particle beam from zoids :stuck_out_tongue: ). Alternatively I would picture something that charges like a rail gun from MGS4.

Purpose - high damage but slow hitting mega weapon. All tanks should be able to do some heavy lifting, so a weighty move like this would be good. Sub this for Tortoise smash if TurtleRock needs more range.

So those are my thoughts on a move-set for a turtle tank archetype. Any opinions?


I feel like it’ll end up being a mario game, like the monster is a giant koopa


Sorry Markovio, the princess is in another castle.


I just laughed really hard and I don’t know why. :smiley:

EDIT: OT, I just thought of something. Giving him the ability to make mud traps/quicksand that cover a significantly large area that slows and damage hunters would be good. Since he can’t really move that fast, these traps can be set in advance and can be used to impede the hunters’ movements.


This one. But really, google gamera and there are many awesome drawings of a BA turtle




The Gamera Trilogy puts the recent Godzilla movie to shame. @Takran, liking the ideas, especially the Burrowing Charge and Outgas. Also, how about this…it can retreat into its shell for a limited amount of time, and during this time it takes very little, if any, damage. It’s not exactly repelling the hunter weapons but maybe it can act like a real turtle’s safety protocol. Also, if it retreats into the shell while not being attacked, it can regen up to a bar of armor/health? This of course would need a pretty big cooldown so the ability doesn’t get spammed…plus the hunters will really need to keep on the beastie’s butt to prevent this!


It is a cool idea, but the only thing I’d be worried about is what would keep the hunters off him. That could be a really effective out of combat technique, but in combat it will turn into a waiting game, where TurtleRock is chilling in his shell and all four hunters are circling him waiting for him to come out. From a monster movie perspective, it sounds amazing, but from a gameplay perspective it sounds kinda hard to implement. Unless maybe it can still move and basic attack in the shell - that could make for some amazing plays. Perhaps compensation for the damage reduction with a movement speed reduction. It would be balanced and really embody what it means to be a tank.

I am imagining a monster that relies on tankyness and crowd control to manhandle hunters so it can feed and evolve as opposed to speed and mobility. A shell withdraw technique feels important, but it needs some kind of combat utility to pair with it.


What about having it’s ‘spikes’ on it’s shell shoot out. While the spikes are regrowing it does no damage if a hunter hits it. However, if the spike ability is available, perhaps ground slamming would do extra dmg based on what stage of spikes are at? So you can shoot the spikes in a short AoE, or keep them for improved melee damage.


If not a a monster on it’s own - at least a Goliath Halloween skin:

Sorry for troll post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That is an interesting concept. I don’t think we have a monster that has different incentives for using or not using an ability. That kind of decision making could make for some interesting interactions. I like the way you think!


Here is my idea for a turtle monster. Goliath is fire. Kraken is lightning. Karkinos (my turtle monster) is water.
Appearance: Karkinos is a giant turtle that walks on all fours and is grayish with some black. Its shell is flat at Stage 1 but grows spikes as it evolves. It has a sharp beak and it grows plating around its head as it evolves. When it has full armor it will glow slight purple. (purple because Kraken has blue)
Bio: Karkinos is a giant turtle. What more can you say? What about this? Karkinos is a giant turtle, that has a pressurized chamber of water that is so large, it never runs out. Karkinos has an ulimited supply of water that he uses to take down foes that either A. Are his prey. B. Are his predators. C. Are pesky hunters.

  1. Hydro Charge: Karkinos uses his stores water to jet forward a short distance. This move is good for moving around easier and lets you stay in the air shortly when going off a cliff. This move also can act like a physical Vortex allowing this monster to get close to its pursuers and/or knock them out of the way.
  2. Pressure Release: Using the pressurized water within its body, Karkinos launches a stream of water that attacks all that get in its way. The attack lasts a few seconds and it shoots a stream of water that deals a large amount of damage to hunters but the attack itself is slow and hard to turn.
  3. Ocean Waves: Karkino summons the power of the ocean by spreading waves of water to knockback his foes. The monster has waves of water shoot from its body puching back the hunters and doing moderate damage. The waves go in all directions in a bubble form and slows Karkinos while in use.
  4. Shell Shocked: Karkinos uses his spikes to cause major damage to the hunters. This ability makes Karkinos jump up in the air and then fall to the ground hurting all hunters caught in the attack. While Karkinos is jumping, any hunters hit will be dragged down with the monster and any hunters below Karkinos is dealt major damage and is knocked back some.
    What you think? Just throwing out some suggestions here. I would make the glow a dark or light blue, but purple is easier to notcie the difference than the Kraken.


I like the idea and the move set it has, my only ‘criticism’ (using the word loosely) would be that the hydro charge might be better suited to being Karkinos’ movement ability (like Goliath’s jump or Kraken’s flight).


Yeah. Just throwing out suggestions for the monster. Couldn’t even think of a good movement ability that would tie in with turtles or water that wasn’t swimming. Wait. I just thought of one!
Movement Ability (or another ability): Tidal Wash: Karkinos creates a wave of water that he rides a wave. If it is an ability and not an attack, then it knocks back huntes and kills most wildlife.


I think the Jet movement ability is really good, better explained. But you could tweak it to where it is like goliath’s leap and leap smash. They are essentially the same, except the smash is an aoe atack, and normal leap does not do damage. For Karkinos, it could be like Hydro Charge, which sends him right into the enemies dealing massive damage, and Hydro Jet, which gives him the movement ability the other monsters have.


I would like to see a big but stealthy turtle.It has a gray, rock-like appearence. Its shell just looks like the rocks of the map.It normally is walking on two legs, and the long front legs are dragging on the ground. It will glow white to gray. The best thing it can do is, it can stick itself to a wall, ram its shell into it and gets stuck like this on any surface. Also the feet are sucked into the shell so it looks more like a rock(just like the megamouth). In this position, stuck to a wall, on the ground, or under water, it can snap hunters and hold them. But also its neck can expand like a Matamata to have some good range( The range could be shown like the damage range by the jump of Goliath). Smaller wildlife gets rapidly killed AND consumed if cought by its giant snapper like mouth. When the hunters have spotted it, it can fall down and create a little earthquake. While this the hunters can’t shoot, because of the hard cameramovement.( if you are getting hit by a giant in Skyrim, you know what i mean) While it’s normally realy slow, it can slide on it’s belly like a penguin to be faster. His arms are used to take curves.
The abilities would be:
Movement ability;Slider: Get faster by using your belly to slide and deal some damage by hitting enemies
RAMbo: Use your frontarms to run towards enemies und whipe them out of your way and give big knockback. If you are able to ram them into an obstacle like a wall or a tree, extra damage is dealed.
Bodyslam: Fall on enemies to get them stuck to your belly. Deal massive damage, but hitting someone is really hard, since you’re so slow. Hunters have to smach buttons to get of the shell. Ubgrading adds little spikes so the hunters are having a harder time, trying to get rid of the giant turtle on their back.
Helping shell: Use your time out of combat to add mud, dirt and stones to your body. Some extra shield will be gained. AND your smell is gone for a while so Daisy can’t track you down. The point you did that, will be marked like footprints.
Gastric present: Spit acid in a moderate range around you. Hitting hunters will slow them down massively and it deals some damage. By hitting the ground it will produce a big cloude of poisonous gas. While hunters are trying to crawl out, you can snap them, use your other close combat abilities, or, since the hunters are slowed down for some time, just get away by yourself
Meele attack: Bite the shit out of everything in your way. With this giant snapper jaw you have you can deal much damage. Sometimes you are also jusing your front arms to slap hunters and give them some knockback to deal with.

Also it will take reduced damage if hunters hit the shell. AND after evolving it has some armor to start with (Like two to three bars) because of the shell.

Before the start of its evolution, it was just food for Goliath and Kraken. But with the time it learned how to avoid these two. It started to adapt with its environment. But its soft and unprotected skin was pretty bad for hiding. The rockhard shell started to grow with the time. And today, the tide has turned. While the Kraken can`t deal damage to a stone with lightning, the Goliath can’t burn through it. So these two just can look how their food is starting to bite after them. Goliath is in a little bit better position than Kraken; While Goliath keeps running, Kraken would like to fly but those flappy tentakles it can fly with are perfect spots for the turle to bite. It expands its neck really fast an CLAP, Krakens first wing is gone. The second follows and in the end this Kraken lost the battle. The name of the winner was Archelon

I’m trying to draw this turtle at the moment, give me some time. If anyone is talented by drawing such monsters, please send a message. I would like you to draw it better than me but I want it in my style^^


Show us the concept and we can go from there. A lot of good concepts here, and I think a lot of us are looking for the same kinda abilities…a lot of shell camo/spikes (especially liking that idea you had @MaddCow) , and belly smashing/sliding. I think we could actually start refining these ideas. I also thought…what if during stages 1 and 2 it moves on 4 legs, then at level 3 it moves on 2? It can move faster during the first stage, moderate during stage 2, and slowest at level 3 being on two legs but all tank?