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LATEST INFO: A consensus has been reached on creating a turtle monster using the rock element with a magnetism theme, whose abilities will manipulate the battlefield. It will also be a quadruped that will walk on all fours. If you’d like to contribute to the discussion, please feel free to suggest ideas on attack and traversal abilities following these themes, as that is what we are currently focusing on.

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I’m making this post with permission from @Jarvis22, who opened up this topic a bit in the Homage to TRS thread: Homage to TRS. I am creating this thread to open up to the community at large to bring forth their ideas to help make a community-created viable monster for future consideration in the game…but not just any monster - this would be a Turtle Rock beastie, to go along with their logo, because we love them so dang much. In order to create this monster, we need to figure out it’s 4 attacks, it’s glow colors, it’s overall personality, hunting and evading strategies, and of course it’s appearance.

We know it’s a rock, earthy, turtle-like beastie, and as for the name I really liked @Jarvis22’s idea of calling it Golem, sticking with the theme we are seeing in taking names from mythological sources; and when I think rocks and myths, I do tend to think Golem. We know we’d like it to be turtle-like, but that doesn’t mean it has to look like Gamera (although I love him! He’s my main Kaiju, baby). It should have obvious turtle-ness but not be a turtle…in the same way Goliath is not totally an ape and Kraken is not all squid.

@Jarvis22 came up with this initial sketch:

I really like the addition of those huge forelimbs! I won’t go too much into the discussion we had in the “Homage” thread since you can go back and read that with the link above; then I came up with this rough sketch:

I welcome everyone’s ideas and opinions in creating something. If you can sketch, feel free to do so. It’ll take a nice while to create something really perfect. Goliath and Kraken were not born overnight and we have seen they went through many iterations to become the loveable monsters they are today. And keep in mind we don’t just need to work out looks, but attacks, and looks can also tie into attacks…like for instance those thick huge limbs could cause some serious knockback or dare I say…digging?

Bring forth all of your ideas! Eventually we’ll start settling on some and start fleshing this Turtle Rock Golem out.


With enough support and creativity, hopefully the developers will see our collective idea as a legitimate candidate for a future monster,
Feel free to chip in as much and as little, we want this monster to be something everyone on the forum to be a part of and to be proud of!
Please bear in mind the limitations due to engines and such (for example the Velvet Worm was scraped because it’s animation was too complex)
And as we go down the line, Sledge and myself will draw up concepts based on the threads collective design just to help visualise what we have to work with, but we need your help! Post reference pictures, your drawings, ideas for lore/back stories… Etc.
So get cracking people!

I really think if it is going to be a turtle, it should be bipedal, I mean look at Raphael


That’s another thing to consider, the Gait of the monster-
Is it standing? Is it crawling?
2 legs?
4 legs?

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Now it but needs a historical or mythological name…


  • Kurma (Hindu Turtle Deity)
  • Genbu (Japanese Spirit)
  • Kappa (Other Weird Japanese I don’t know)
  • Karkinos (Giant Shelled Monster from Greek Mythology)
  • Gamera (After the infamous Subterraneon Lightning Breathing Sea Turtle from Pompeii)

Gamera. Hands down.

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All these are good candidates! Maybe we could make a poll? I would also like to hear what the Devs think as well, from a professional point of view.


If you can get a clearer picture, that’d be great, but that looks sick (albeit it would take up an entire map)

Haha, well, being the TMNT freak I am…

I think we can do iterations of both standing and on all fours…but again, if on 2 legs standing up we gotta really make it NOT look like Gamera, and also be sure there’s no little kids standing around singing to it, lol.

Oh yeah, I had forgotten about the Kappa. I’m going to have to look those others up.

I like the idea of it being quadrupedal personally. It just looks so cool!

I wonder what kind of abilities it could have. I could definitely see some burrowing - maybe an underground charge that knocks hunters aside? The ability to hunker down and deflect shots back at hunters? Lots of possibilities open.

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Here is the clip from the movie The Mist in which this is in. Slight spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie. (I really like it)

I love the ‘growls’ it makes.

I like the idea that it can ‘turtle up’ and slide on it’s shell.

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Underground charge…I like that!

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Being a giant rock turtle, why not have him slam his body at the ground and create earthquakes/tremors that slow the hunters due to his immense weight? Or it could cause them to be tossed in the air. When I think of a rock turtle I immediately think of it as a really hard to kill, slow creature.

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If its going to be sort of a land turtle, why not give it some different ways to evade detection? Kraken is quick and can fly, how about giving Not-Gamera some sort of concealment ability? Maybe give him the ability to not exactly burrow, but rather, sort of settle into the ground sort of like some spiders do. It can use its massive forelimbs to scrape dirt and plants onto it, and as an added bonus, have it untrackable by Daisy when it does that, using the reasoning that the dirt it coats itself with throws the scent off. That would also fit with it being a sort of stone golem sort of creature. I almost picture it as a more organic Colossus from Shadow of the Colossus, with fresh dirt and moss hanging off of it and making it look really weathered and tough.

Its speed might be tricky since it will still have to be mobile at least during its first stages, perhaps make it a whole lot faster in its first stage and then take its speed away as it gets bulkier and grows its shell out? Turtles are pretty quick as babies.

Its last stage could be huge and slow, but take a pounding and maybe even resist flinching a bit more. Really make it a tank.

I also love the idea from Captain Quokka of giving it an earthquake shockwave. Its other attacks are a bit more tricky. Maybe give it the extending neck of a snapping turtle, allowing it to punish Hunters that get to close to its head, which would inevitably be one of its only weak spots. I could even see some extra strategy paired with the hiding ability, sitting concealed somewhere the Monster knows the Hunters will have to traverse and then doing a quick snap at one of them.

I feel like its main downside should be a lack of ranged attacks. If its going to really be something massive and tanky, then making it a close range attacker would be a good tradeoff, I think. Give it some abilites like the shockwave that could throw the Hunters off, maybe even give it an attack that lets it briefly reflect damage off of its shell. No idea if that would work or if it could be balanced, but hey, I’m brainstorming.

I do wonder, what are the limits when taking into consideration a possible Monster? Do you guys want to keep them all tied to the same basic formula we’ve seen so far, or would more varied uses of the Stage system be possible? Like a moth Monster that has a Stage 2 cocoon rather than having to actively hunt, or any other sort of Monsters that might have wild differences between each stage? What about abilities that can only be used in specific stages of evolution? Again, a hypothetical Stage 1 caterpillar would work much differently than the Stage 3 moth it would turn into. Would anything like this even be possible with the current set-up?

Incidentally, now that I’ve mentioned the possibility of the turtle concealing itself like a spider, I’m starting to think of ideas for a spider based Monster… A trapdoor spider would be perfect, methinks.


I think we should keep it to the formula already presented…3 stages it can level to, but I do like the idea of losing speed over time in favor of added tankiness.

I also like the idea of being able to cover itself with foliage to hide. However, that might present a problem for the animators since they would have to take into account animating the different environments to cover the shell. A jungle topping wouldn’t look good at the Distillery. But maybe it can use it’s limbs to cover itself to appear like a rock formation? It could work if the player was tricky enough in choosing where it would cover itself, because after a while that animation would become apparent to spot in the dead open. BUT, that ability would really rock and is something we haven’t seen yet. When monster players actively hide and play the waiting game, that’s the most exciting part of the matches I’ve watched…sneaking and hiding in plain sight.

A telescoping neck would be perfect for it crouching right before an attempted pounce attack. If the attack doesn’t connect the head lashes out and the beak snaps at nothing…but if it succeeds it grabs a hunter and shakes it from side to side, mega-mouth style, until hit from a fellow hunter or the hunter in it’s jaws gets in-capped.

Ground pound / seismic slam…I think this might just be one of those attacks we could all agree on. The radius of effect I can see would be similar to the Kraken’s aftershock. Depending on the final appearance of the creature we can decide how it would go about creating the body slam to get the effect, either by belly flop or stomping.

The issue I see with being able to hit projectiles away is this would really hurt the Trapper class and also Val’s traqs. It might just be too powerful of an ability even if it has short duration. The only time I could see it being used to good effect for the monster is right after the dome dissipates so you don’t get tagged on the way out.


I like the idea of an ability that creates a wall or some kind of temporary obstruction, creating your own battlefields and hindering pesky hunters chasing you. I’m not sure if this will fit our own monster, but hopefully a monster in the future if not!