Get in Mah Belley

So I was playing Hyde, and hunting the Behemoth.

And I finally found him, and switched my shield on to charge him face on. He turned to me, and charged me head on.

We charged each other, and I pulled out my trusty gatling gun fully intending to stick it in his gut and make some spaghetti out of his intestines. But then, he shouted out “Get in mah belley” and the next thing I know, I was seeing spines… and ribs…

And then the server stopped… and we were all chatting to each other about how it seemed like a DC issue… but we were all there…

So there you have it folks… If you find my Hyde inside your next Behemoth, please return him to me so my Lazerous can revive him for next match…

I’ve tested this with some friends. There’s a spot in Behemoth’s… rear end, … where you can actually push through his model and end up inside. There’s a LOT of guts in there. It’s kind of awkward.

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LOL, Well… I didn’t see your friends while I was in there. I also didn’t stay long. After the game “froze”, I was expelled out.

O_o Uh…Excuse me while I go never face a Behemoth again…

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You little brown-noser you… :wink:

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Because we all need it.


Hmm… his rear end you say…? Anybody got that old “Yaranaika Abe” Pic? I think it is appropriate here. I’d ask for Yaranaika Griffin, but apparently that has not been made yet.


Where might one acquire such a product?

Store around the corner sells some. :wink:

Around your corner? But that’s in the Northern Hemisphere!

Well then. Got a spare room I can use for one night when I travel across the planet to buy brain-bleach because of this…lovely thread?!

Nope, because I don’t let people stay in my house. ^.-

Well then. I guess I’ll just use coffee.

Regardless, seems like a fairly simple issue.