Get hit by rock, but thrown towards (usally past) the monster?


The title says it mostly. Versing Goliath i would be hit by a rock throw (mid air i think) but instead of throwing me backwards like real physics i would be catapulted towards the monster, and i would usually have that much speed that i pass the monster by alot. I have only noticed this happening since the 2.0 (latest) patch.

I would say this bug ends in my death but it usually doesn’t because of how far past the monster i usually travel.

To be honest this bug is just funny and immersion braking.




I have a clip of this possibly, but I think it’s just that it lands behind you and the aoe pushes you forward.
Will search now

Yea so here it is, couple of things, this is from way before any patch so not caused by that, also watching the full game, he hit me with some bullshitty rocks that seemed to go through my shield OR both were caused by lag. dunno.


I can second the existence of this, but I have no video evidence.

I’ve had it occur most often when hit directly by the rock (i.e. no AOE effect) if that helps with reproducing.


Yeah i believe its never happened without a direct hit. Direct hit only for bug to occur.