GET HANKED! - Share your experiences here


A month or so before release, I made a pledge to NEVER leave the support slot open for AI. I’ve seen the horrors and wish no team member to be violently flung from their pursuit into the acid pits bellow, or have an animal not of the albino variety be erased from existence, or have a medic in dire need of revival blocked off by loud sky-fire.

Next time you are in a lobby, and you see the support slot open, consider for a moment…would YOU risk the AI sensation sweeping each nation (with orbital drills)?

Share your “I got Hanked!” experiences bellow.


I can’t, I’m so sorry, it just… it hurts. Why? Just… Why did he have to do that? Why me?


Shhh shhh it’s ok, sometimes bad things happen to good people. That Lazarus is in a better place now. The inside of a Kraken. Hank was just trying his best to immolate his fallen comrade so the pain of electro-charged stomach acid would pale in comparison.


i don’t get it. Are we talking about how sometimes Hank drops orbital, and it just messes things up? if yes, well, yeah, it happens. But what is worst, when AI is a trapper. Then you are boned. Trapper ALWAYS lags behind, and there is very slim chance that he will actually do harm to the team. His inability to perform is much more profound on the outcome of the game than hanks orbital i think. That’s why ALWAYS be trapper. You need to catch the monster more, than actually do damage. You catch him, you can do damage, you can’t catch him, well, no damage will be done.


My AI trappers always seem to have on point domes, I’ve had Hank’s take 50% of their health off by fighting a Sloth and choosing to orbital strike it in order to live right at the start of the game. That’s more detrimental to me since it’s a large amount of resources wasted on nothing important. Plus an AI that does miss the dome instantly pulls it down, unlike most players.



Scumbag Hank. “It’s all about my DPS.”


Sobs. T-Thank you. I… I just can’t believe that… That… Breaks Down.


I usually laugh when I get Hanked! As for when I play Hank…sometimes apologies are needed to soften the HEAVY DAMAGE blow those orbitals do when players start flying all over the place.