Get Evolve (NA/UK) for $45 USD


For those who are interested, ( is offering the Evolve PreOrder (Stream) for 59.99 USD and is 25% off (45.00 USD after voucher) with promo code: EVOLVE-THANKS-25OFFX

Also, not sure if this is JUST for North America (product description says “Evolve (NA)”) so, sorry if that’s an issue, but please be mindful of it. UPDATE @NiceGuyAndy has confirmed the code worked for a UK-based purchase as well.

Evolve $48 Pre-Order on GMG, Activates on Steam. NA & EU

If you buy it for $45, send 15 bucks straight to TRS :smiley:


True that. Or commit to buy their DLC Day 1 when it comes out. That’s my plan!


I only mention mailing the money directly to TRS because that way the producer’s don’t skim from the actual creative team :slight_smile:


Thanks, I just pre-ordered my copy. Code works for UK. :smile:


Beautiful. Glad that worked for you guys. I’ll change up the OP to reflect that.


Thank you for the find @AegisKleais I definitely plan on checking that out :thumbsup:


If I pre-order through this retailer do I have to wait after launch before they send it to me on Steam?

Probably a dumb question, but I never pre-ordered through these sites before.


I have bought 8 games through them so far. Of those 8, all had a key to me by the end of business day on the official release date, and MANY times, they give you the redeeming key BEFORE the date. It’s up to Steam/Developer once you register the product with Steam if a preload is being offered.


What do you think the chances of them giving the key before the release date? I really don’t want to wait after launch to play, I know it sounds crazy lol.


Well. I took a look at my games and which ones were delivered at what time.

Game 1 - Bought months after was released, key given within 30m of purchase
Game 2 - Bought 1 month before release, key given 2 days before release
Game 3 - Bought 6 weeks before release, key given 2 days before release
Game 4 - Bought 1 week before release, key given on day of release
Game 5 - Bought 2 weeks before release, key given 1 day before release
Game 6 - Bought 2 weeks before release, key given 3 days before release
Game 7 - Bought 1 week before release, key given on day of release
Game 8 - Bought 8 weeks before release, key given on day of release

So. Bought after, immediately given - 12.5%, bought before, given before release - 50%, bought before, given day of - 37.5%, bought before, given after - 0%

I can’t guarantee anything more than that for you, but those are my stats with them.


Also note that GMG is NOT a key reseller. They are a full digital store and just do discounts all the time. They have one of the most useful mailing lists ever, seeing as you can actually use what they email you (discount codes). I’ve used them for a few big titles and have never had an issue. They’re very legit.


Yeah, sorry, I shouldn’t have said “key”. But do note that you are purchasing the item for the specified DRM system. In this case, Steam. So when they come through for you, you get a serial that you “Active Product with Steam” and it’ll put the item in your inventory. I’ve been using these guys forever, and they have great deals quite often.

Here’s the thing to be mindful of. I don’t THINK 2K/TRS would make it so only pre-orders have access to an upcoming beta (if there is one for PC), but if they do, and they don’t poll GMG for the fact you pre-ordered the game but don’t yet have the product active in your inventory, then you’d be SOL. Still, I don’t think they’d utilize such a process; it’s riddled with issues.


Thanks, just bought it. Was hoping for a reason to pre-order.
The Monster skin was not doing it for me. But this nice discount does :smile:


The code works here in Australia as well, bought a few more copies of the game (I have problems).


I wasn’t implying that you were saying it was a key reseller. I was just clarifying for Slewey. They do sell keys, but in my experience it’s the resellers that have trouble keeping things in stock. When I buy digital games from GMG, Amazon, etc, I never have any issues. The only time I’ve had a problem is when I used a key reseller and had to wait way longer than I should have. That was my one and only experience with a reseller, and I won’t do that again. I’d rather pay a couple extra bucks and not have to worry about when I can play my game.


Yeah. Some of the key sellers I do use have inventory. So they give you the price and if the inventory is >0, you’ll get the key immediately. Otherwise, you might have to wait up to the date the game releases (or later). GMG has been tops for me. Excellent website, great prices. Don’t have to wait for Steam sales with them.


I bought Shadow of Mordor from GMG and I got the key the day after release. I would have gotten it the night before, but it came through about 10:30pm so I missed the email.

So depending on your timezone aswell, you may get it ready to preload the day before. As I’m from UK, so it was already end of the night for me.

But as @AegisKleais said above, it also comes down to the developer when they give the keys over to GMG.